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Modern Romeo and Juliet

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Modern day version of Romeo and Juliet! Juliet stared out of her third floor window onto the courtyards of the Capulet Estate. She had lived on the estate for 16 of her 19 years having spent the first three in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her parents had left in some hurry she vaguely remembered with her, her three brothers and two cousins. Now they ran a shop, in fact a chain of shops called "Capulets Clothes". Juliet was tired but she for some reason could not sleep, she'd spent the whole day at her University "Verona" studying chemistry with her professor, Professor Lawrence. Yet she still could not sleep maybe it was the upcoming prom, that kept her awake, it was only 2 days now and she was so excited only freshman were invited which meant none of the annoying seniors to worry about. Romeo, his brothers and his best friend Mark left the pub in high spirits. ...read more.


Two days passed and the night of the prom arrived, Juliet arrived with her best friend Mercy and her cousin Tim, who was to be a bouncer at the prom. As she arrived at the front entrance of the college Romeo, Mark and Romeos brothers arrived at the back entrance but as they crept in Romeo was noticed by Tim who containing his temper resisted taking revenge on his family's enemy that time. Not only Tim noticed Romeo turn up at the Prom but so did Juliet who fell in love at first sight. The pair danced together for all of that night, not knowing who the other was until Dean Luis called for Juliet and Mercy found the identity of Romeo. The next day as Juliet sat in one of Professor Lawrence's lectures she was surprised with a note from Romeo saying to meet him that night in the fifth courtyard of the Capulet Estate. ...read more.


A curse on all of you!" So he died, but Romeo would not let this happen in vain he followed Tim and grasping a smashed beer bottle and killed him there for what he had done, before fleeing. At School the next day Dean Luis made an announcement that Romeo was expelled permanently from Verona. So Juliet begged Professor Lawrence to help so he gave her a poison which would make her appear dead for one day and he would call Romeo. She drank the poison in the morning and locked the door by accident, but Romeo did not get the message and as he snuck into her room by scaling the drainpipe late that night found her lying apparently dead upon her floor. In grief Romeo took the gun from his jacket put it to his head and whispering the words "Juliet, I love you" pulled the trigger as Juliet's eyes fluttered open. She screamed. Shaking she pulled the gun from his closed hand pressed it to her own brow and fell dead beside her love. ...read more.

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