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Money can't buy happiness!

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25th October 2003 Money can't buy happiness! In a small, old, mouldy caravan in a rubbish tip lived a small, old lady whose name was Josephine. She lived with her pride and joy, her dogs. She was fifty-seven years old, divorced, had seven children, and five grand children, you would think she would be quite busy visiting all of her family yet she never saw any of them, they disowned her the minute they found out her dark, deep secret. Nearby in a big six bed roomed farmhouse lived a wealthy man called Winston, who bought everything he wanted, cars, holidays and houses, but there was one thing he wanted deeply that money couldn't buy, happiness. He had no children, brothers or sisters. Everyday Josephine would go to the local shop and buy the same two things, dog food and soup. ...read more.


She finally comes out with a dowdy, brown woollen one, it wasn't much but it was all she could afford. Meanwhile Winston was looking through his grand mahogany wardrobes, at all of his cashmere suits looking for a suitable one. As Josephine didn't want Winston to see that she lived in a rubbish tip, literally, she decided to walk up to his 'mansion'. She couldn't believe it, she must have gone to the wrong house, it was gigantic, with its thatched roof and columns by the front door, she was definitely impressed. Josephine bravely rang the bell, and waited until Winston came to the door. As he opened it, Josephine could smell fresh flowers and cigars. Winston walked up to his Mercedes and opened the door for Josephine to climb inside. ...read more.


Discussing why Josephine didn't see any of her seven children and five grand children, that's when she told him even more of her secret which was that a few years ago Josephine won thousands of pounds at bingo an instead of treating herself and her family she gave it to a dogs charity, "That's why your family disowned you" Winston said sympathetically. After a few months enjoying each others company Josephine moved into Winston's Farmhouse, he treated her to expensive dresses and she gave him the happiness they both wanted. Now Josephine was able to go out and eat where she wanted, but she didn't want to go to "The Rose House" oh no she was far too good for that. She preferred eating in Paris' finest restaurants, with the dogs next to her eating off china plates. Well habits never change. ...read more.

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