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monkeys paw

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Monkeys paw The story of the monkeys paw is all about tension and horror. It a starts off with sergeant major handing over the talisman to Mr White which grants three wishes. However, there is a catch the third wish ends in fatality. However, there is an unexpected twist when they ask for �200 for their first wish it ends up that their only son dies and for compensation they got �200. Throughout the story Mrs White is grieving for her son and tells her husband to wish for him back. In the final two pages the writer is constantly building tension and horror especially after the second wish. I think Mr White is more scared because he had to see his son's mutilated body and he could only recognise him by his clothes. Therefore Mr White thinks he will come back like he was when he died. ...read more.


"Wish" she cried in a strong voice" She is adamant on getting her son back and she will do anything to get him back. The writer uses repetition to add to the tension. She acts like as if she is mental. Furthermore, after Mr White has made the 2nd wish the writer proclaims. "She had an unnatural look on her face" This shows she has changed and she is not the nice harmless old lady that we knew at the beginning of the story. Not even Mr White can stop her she is so determined she is going to get her son back. Mr White is in contrast with his wife this may be because he had to identify his. "Mutilated son" so he thinks he will come back like how he died. This is why he is not as eager to see him, in fact he is scared. ...read more.


The writer uses pathetic fallacy this is where the weather keeps in mood with the story. One example would be. "A cold wind rushed up the staircase" this is showing us that everything has gone quiet again. The writer uses different sounds and techniques to make the story a lot more interesting. He uses powerful adjectives when he describes the sound. "The chain rattled back" this shows us that it is only a matter of seconds before the thing outside gets inside. The writer also uses the knocks to make the story explode. It keeps the reader full of suspense. Every reader will want to know who it is and what's going to happen. My conclusion is that it was their son and Mr White wished for his the person outside to vanish. My perfect ending would be that they would open the door and the story like that this would leave the reader on a bigger and better cliff-hanger. I hoped that Mrs White opened the door so that reader could see who it was. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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