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Monologue Barry arrives smiling at the bus stop. A young woman is there and a man of about sixty. They look bored. Barry nods to the old man and he nods in reply.

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Just One of Those Days Barry arrives smiling at the bus stop. A young woman is there and a man of about sixty. They look bored. Barry nods to the old man and he nods in reply. Barry looks over to the King's Head pub and notices that a man in a soldier's uniform steps out, holding the door open for a young woman. Barry has a flashback that takes his breath away as he remembers. The old man at the bus stop looks tired, but Barry talks to him anyway. I was in the army once, you know. (Barry ignores the old man's confused look and continues). For most of the time I was based in Belfast... Yes, I well remember the day I signed up. I kissed my wife and my baby son goodbye and left to join my training course. He was only seven months old. But I already had the special skills they desperately wanted. They needed me on the front line, so I was pulled out of training early and went on a mission. At first there didn't seem to be anything to do. I watched the rest of the lads get legless. I cleaned my M15 rifle. I didn't really want to use it, except in defence... ...read more.


I thought it was would be better to get drunk. I stayed on the street. I don't know how long for. Then one day I woke up sober and missed my family. I went home. I opened the front door and went straight to the fridge. As I opened the first can of the six pack I remember thinking, "since when does Sara drink this muck?" Still, a drink's a drink, isn't it? So I downed the lot in no time. I was a mess. I took out my army knife to look and I heard Stevens ordering me again and again "Do it! Do it!" The words rattled round my head. I threw the knife in the bin to get rid of those memories but then I was crying and pulling it back out. I just couldn't give it up. With the knife back in my pocket I headed upstairs. I wanted to see my son. I opened his door and kissed his sleeping head. Even in that state I could see how much he had grown. Then I heard voices in the next room. My room. Across the landing I pushed at the door. Why was it locked? I stood for a moment and then kicked out at it. The door crashed open. I shouted, "Who the f*** is that?" Of course, I was drunk and angry, but who wouldn't be? ...read more.


But that was not all I had lost to drugs and drink. Oh no. I had lost my home, my friends and, worst of all, my family. In the end I was released for good behaviour. (Laughs). This time I went to rehab and stayed the course. Life was good. Things seemed to be turning out better. I felt more like my old self, my true self again and finally my memory was coming back. Getting off drugs and staying clean is one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Now I'm waiting for a bus to go to my first interview in six years. I've got custody of my boy now, after his mother committed suicide. I can't say she didn't deserve it. He's six now. I'm clean and I'm dating a new girl. Her name is Sara too, funnily enough. We met at an AA meeting and I'm just waiting for Ben to get off his school bus before I catch one to my interview. Here he is now. Barry stands up to meet the bus, but suddenly bends over clutching his chest. He falls to the corner of the bus stop. The paramedics arrive but sadly he is already dead. Every day now I have that same dream. That death will release me. But the reality is I'm sitting here in the corner of the bus stop, a dirty, smelly tramp with no company. A police siren sounds. ...read more.

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