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Monologue - Set in a café:

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Monologue Set in a caf�: I like to take each day, as it comes, no stress or worries but instead something to look forward to. I booked tickets for me and a mate to go and see the Chelsea, Middlesborough game today for example. Football is my life. I don't play of course, but watching it, you get a great buzz. Cars are my thing as well, Ferrari Maranello nought to sixty in 3.4 seconds. I cant get it up to speed living in London though, I drive over to France every now and then for breaks and it's a good chance to see its full potential and the potential of French women of course. ...read more.


I finished with Sarah two months ago, she finished it because of my "lying". I call it more of a joke than a lie but women take these things to heart. I was simply enjoying being a "successful business man" pretending I owned a profitable business selling textiles. I felt important, powerful and unstoppable but she soon found out whom I really was when she phoned me throughout the week and I answered on every occasion. "Shouldn't you be at work?" oh, nah... err... having the week off! Just going to play golf actually. She saw straight through me and so I came clean and that was that. Set in Ikea I have to fill up the days somehow. Ikea is cheap and trendy so my apartment is like individual show rooms in the store. ...read more.


Honestly, everyone knows that you can't overtake someone via the inside lane on a motorway. They're as bad as old people are. I reckon over seventies should all have their licences taken away. They're a danger to us all. Nothing good is going to happen under this labour government. Get the conservatives back in, Im sure they will be after the next election. Everyone was so anti-war when we went up against Iraq. I thought it was the best thing to do. You cant trust Saddam, he would have done something sometime, Wouldn't you rather it be them than us? Although I do nothing, I have very strong opinions, my parents find them insulting so I do best when I keep them to myself. But that's my life story. I have no impact on anyone and that's the way I like it! No commitment and no complications, just everyday as it comes. ...read more.

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