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most wanted

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Most Wanted Hallow'een. Trick or treat. Everyone was out. Cold and dark but no wind as if in a freezer. But no cared. It was as fun as opening presents at Christmas. The only thing people were scared of was The Beast. They were all on their watch to protect the little children. Five people had died on the same day. It was enough to make anyone scared for their children. It was said on the autopsy report that the deceased have been murdered by a wild beast. From then on in the villagers called it "The Beast." People from anywhere else would say that it was a myth. The village witchdoctor was too late to save all five men. The only thing odd was that the men were at the same place. That same place was the forbidden forest on the outskirts of East Haven in the highlands of Scotland. Only one person knows what the killer really is. *** A car was speeding down the road going into the village. The driver saw something move in the shadows then into the middle of the road. He slammed on the brakes and skidded out of the way of the creature then came to a halt. ...read more.


He asks where his school uniform was but found out that the school don't have uniform. *** There were three cars outside the school. The school itself was very small about the size of a large classroom. He met his new teacher called Mr Hind. Mr Hind led Noel into the classroom which was the only building there so there was one class with three pupils already there. Mr Hind opened the door and let Noel into the classroom. He introduced Noel to the other two pupils. The girl was called Lisa and the boy was called Colin. They were all the same age which was ordinary. Lisa had blonde hair and blue eyes and Colin had brown eyes and black hair. Noel asked Mr Hind 'Who is the other pupil sitting up the back of the classroom?' 'There is no one there. Who are you talking about?' answered Mr Hind. 'There is a boy there that looks like Me.' said a confused noel. He wasn't lying he could see a boy just like himself but couldn't think how Mr Hind couldn't see this boy he was trying to say something to noel but noel couldn't hear the boy. All he could see was a boy that looked like him opening and closing his mouth. ...read more.


'Colin can I come to your house right now because I need to get away from them. They are not my real aunt and uncle so I need someone who knows that I am ok because I don't think Lisa has my number.' 'Yes sure keep your head down and be quick because the beast is still out there. See you soon. And he hung up.' His phone rang. It was withheld. 'Hello. Yes speaking. What the beast is still out there. What do you mean it isn't the puma? It was made by you and got away. Phone the police. I will do it then. Ok bye.' *** After a long bike journey he got to Colin's house he knocked on the door and no one answered he walked in because the door was open. There was blood and guts on the wall. He phone the police but there was no answer so he phoned the hotline and there was no answer again. So he went out the house and there standing behind the bush outside at the gate was the Beast. It came running towards him and ripped him to shreds. He died instantaneous. *** In the writing of this story nobody knows who or where Ram is and comes from. The beast is the last living organism to walk the planet. The Beast has venom deadly to its victim. Marcus White. ...read more.

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