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Mothership. The sky darkened as the Mothership released its cargo. Fifty-thousand tons of deathly Duric acid

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CHAPTER ONE The four rising F sharps which hailed the arrival of the Mothership echoed throughout the vastness of space. The never-ending noise and clamour of men at market, of salesmen trying to earn their daily bread and farmers trying to sell their livestock, men haggling against others and filthy, rough bars in which one could find almost anything one wanted on the black market, all these things which had so filled the atmosphere of the small planet of Mho-Xbectu for hundreds of years immediately ground to a halt. The inhabitants, a loud, corrupt and anarchistic race, all lifted their heads to the sky at exactly the same time in absolute terror, all trying to convince themselves that the immense iron spaceship above them was not what they most feared it to be. But their hopes were all in vain. The sky darkened as the Mothership released its cargo. Fifty-thousand tons of deathly Duric acid, a concoction perfected by the elite scientists of the Great Empire hundreds of years back, which has such a high corrosive power that it could wipe out an entire population in under a day. As soon as the acid hit the surface, almost half of the Xbectuans were incinerated instantaneously. The acid made short work of their fragile, amphibious bodies, and it was soon attacking their homes, reducing the mightiest stone structures to almost nothing in seconds. It wiped out the forests and animals as it ran over them, and was only stopped after it had hit the ocean. The ocean life was obliterated over the course of the next few hours, and the vapours from the acid soon killed off any survivors on land. ...read more.


Madigan turned to the Corporal and gave him a strange look. "Only if you want to spend the next five days of your life climbing down stairs, Corporal Terriford. We here in the 23rd century use the transmat." He said, before turning around with a swoosh as his weighted cape swung through the air. Terriford began to follow him, keeping a couple of feet behind to make sure they didn't get transported together. That would be a messy business that would be better off avoided altogether. They reached the end of the corridor. There was a short pause before the air-sealed doors depressurised and opened, then Captain Madigan entered and was bathed in a glorious blue-white light. His voice, when It spoke, echoed within the chamber, even though it was less than three feet wide. And with a flash of violet light, he was gone. ** "Level One hundred and twelve." The male computerised voice said as Terriford stepped out of the capsule. The irritating female voice which usually spoke when something came to an end was abolished and destroyed when the Prime Leader came to power in Britain, and then in the world. It was replaced by the first chord of the Universal Anthem and a strong, assertive manly voice which subconsciously suggested the strength of the empire, which played a large part in their brainwashing. Terriford thought it unnecessary, but he did dare not ask questions of his superiors. Agh, headache. Though Terriford, clutching his bulging temples. The headaches were the mildest of side effects of using the transmat, amnesia and depression soon following. ...read more.


"Quiet, quiet," he said, indicating to the people, who immediately fell silent. "I have very little time and so cannot grace you with my usual ceremonious speeches." This was greeted with a massive groan from all audiences. "Yes, quite. So I am going to get straight to the point. This inspection will catalogued along with every single aspect of your body, spirit and mind for comparison in the labs, and you will obey without question. I hope you understand." This was greeted by vigorous nodding all over the space station. "As you all know, we have just conquered and destroyed the Mho-Xbectan Solar system via the Mothership which was a strong rebel hideaway and safe planet. We need to conduct-" But his sentence was broken short as his hologram suddenly disappeared, much to the displeasure of the crowd. "Where did'e go?" "We want the Emperor!" "All hail Lord Jebri!" "Get 'im back!" Rimmer tried to intercept the crowd. "The transmission seems to have broken up, if we can be allowed a few moments to-" But he was too cut short when a retriever was thrown at his head, knocking him out cold. "RIGHT!" Madigan yelled, drawing his pistol from its hold. "Everybody d-" But his voice was masked by the low rumbling sound which could not mean good. The scientist next to Madigan tapped him on the back. "What?" he asked, pointing the gun in the scientist's face. "Er, nothing, Captain, only we're under attack." "By whom? Who would dare attack the Mothership?" "The Rebel ship, Captain Madigan." And so it was. A ship twice as large as even the Mothership, painted a dazzling white and circular like a Sun, the Rebel ship was here. Benjamin James Alborough 10wd - English original writing coursework - Mr Prior ...read more.

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