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Mount Kumba.

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Mount Kumba It was the 22nd of February, 2150. Vulcanologist Simon Swan was finishing his study on the mega volcano in Kuala Lumpur when he got a phone call from the president of The united States of America. He could see on the video phone that the president was in distress, she told him, "We have discovered an enormous volcano under the Atlantic ocean" the President told Simon. "Oh my god!" replied Simon with wide eyes. "Get back as soon as you can! Please we need your help" "I'll be back as soon as I can" answered Simon. The phone call cut off. Simon rushed to tell his fellow vulcanologists. As soon as he told them there was a big gasp of excitement and anxiety. He rushed home to pack his stuff, then on to the airport. As he was waiting in the boarding lounge he was thinking how large the volcano must be and what damage it could be capable of. Then an announcement came over the tannoy that his plane was boarding. As he was boarding the plane, he was approached by a man dressed in a black suit, he gave him an envelope. Inside was a personal letter from the president it read: Report straight to the White House as soon as you can. ...read more.


"Ok I'll be awaiting your call Mrs President. See you soon." He runs off to go and get changed. He decided to get a cab back to his apartment because he had had enough of everything being done for him. Whilst sat at home writing and drawing up plans for the operation the phone rang, It was the President "Simon, we have a problem with the drills" "What kind of problem?!" exclaimed Simon "Well we won't have them for about six days" answered the President "WHAT! That only gives us about ten days; this is an operation not to be rushed. Any bad weather and it will have to be postponed so fingers crossed we have good weather. Have you started evacuating people yet?" Asked Simon "We start tomorrow" said the president "How are you going about evacuating all the people?" "Well there will be planes stationed at all airports in north of the country, carrying people in alphabetical order, we hope that all people will be evacuated safely" "Ok good luck with that, those damn drills better be here!" "They will Simon I will personally see to it" "Thank you, Goodbye" Simon hangs up the phone whilst shaken his head in disbelief. ...read more.


He woke up in the morning and went and got himself a drink and then went back to sleep. The next thing he knew it was midday, two hours to get ready. He went and had a bath and then had a shave. One o'clock he got dressed and left his apartment. He arrived at the White House and there were lots of press waiting for him. Two body guards cam out and ushered him into the White House. The President came over and told him what would be going on, and then the other workers were bundled through the door. Two o'clock arrived and everybody was assembled in one of the conference rooms. The president started "Ladies and gentlemen of the media we are here today to thank..." Suddenly a loud rumble was heard then BANG! The volcano had erupted again, this time more violently; the lava had blasted out a quarter of a mile high and was rushing towards the White House. Everyone was panicking and running about then the lava came, killing everyone in its path. Altogether a radius of thirty miles was destroyed by the volcano including the whole state of Washington and some neighbouring states. Fifty years later there is still evidence of the damage and Washington has only just been rebuilt. Altogether fifteen thousand people died. Still to this day we remember the thousands lost in this catastrophe. ...read more.

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