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Moving Can be Painful.

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Moving Can be Painful Iliana Galen looked down and felt giddy. Sitting on a ledge part way down a really high cliff, who wouldn't? But the crashing waves below didn't cast a shadow of fear over her like they did to many people. The white foam cascading round the rocks far below seemed to her like a soft bed of feathers she longed to reach. How had she got there? Blocking out the shouts of Thea and the rescue team, the scene re-played through her mind like a dream. She'd been walking along the cliffside with Thea. Her friend had invited her there because it was one of Iliana's favourite places to go. It was a way to escape from the depression of her life so far. She'd been going there since her childhood when she visited with her old friend Keller. "Look, there's something I need to tell you," Thea said softly. "What? Is something the matter?" Iliana looked at her friend with concern. "Not exactly...Well, I s'pose there is really. I don't want you to be angry. My dad's just been promoted." "Well, that's great!" she exclaimed, but quickly changed her mood when she saw that her friend wasn't smiling. ...read more.


She hadn't even told Iliana that she was going, she just left. The worst parts she didn't want to remember but they came back to haunt her anyway. The lonely times she'd spent in the shed-like place she squatted in, where she'd cried herself to sleep on the carpet-less floor. Just scraping enough money to survive by working in a grungy caf´┐Ż was not how she'd wanted to live. Tears came to her eyes again and she sobbed pitifully until she couldn't think straight. She looked up at the rescue team and the blurred shape she thought was probably Thea. She could just hear Thea if no-one else spoke too loudly, but the team that Thea had called on her mobile kept trying to interfere. She'd already shouted up that if they dared to come anywhere near her, she'd jump. Thea kept shouting the same thing over and over again, telling her that she had everything to live for. She was wrong. She had nothing to live for. Her life was a mess and always had been. The indescribable pain of self-pity settled in her stomach. Nothing would make her happy, she could never trust anyone again. ...read more.


"Help me up, you lot, I'm coming back!" Joy invaded her system. She'd never been so happy. She had a family and her best friend back. It would take her time to forgive her parents for leaving her but nothing like that really mattered now. The only things that did were life and her future. As Thea, completely bewildered by the whole incident, gazed on in amazement; as Keller was bursting with hope and excitement for the future; as the rescue team breathed a sigh of relief, Iliana made the biggest mistake of her life. Buzzing with joy and reeling with adrenaline from reaching a level of happiness that her life had never reached before, Iliana jumped to her feet quickly and sharply. Her consciousness started to fade and blackness crept across her as agony seared through her. The pain was incredible, every part of her wretched with blinding agony. Her earlier fall had caused far more damage than she had thought. She shouldn't have moved so quickly. She'd barely moved since she'd fallen onto the ledge, and this sharp, sudden movement had sent her body writhing with excruciating distress. As she doubled over with sheer agony, her concentration lapsed, her sense of balance disappeared and she hurtled down towards the evil waves below, waiting to snatch her from the world in which she finally belonged. ...read more.

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