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Mr Baker Forgets.

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Mr Baker Forgets Mr Baker was making some bread to be ready for when the shop opens when Mrs Baker put her head around the door. '' When you come for your breakfast'' she said, ''remember to bring me back two loafs of bread.'' ''Two loafs of bread,'' said Mr Baker to himself as she left. ''I'll remember that or my name's not Bobby Baker.'' But he forgot them. So Mr Baker had jam but no toast. And the early morning birds went hungry. After breakfast Mr Baker was getting into the van when Mrs Baker knocked on the window. '' Where are you going?'' she said, ''I hope you have not forgotten.'' ...read more.


''That's yeast!'' she strongly said, ''I can't ice buns with grains of yeast'' ''Oh no'' Mr Baker groaned, ''I must have forgotten to buy you that sack of sugar'' ''Well I forgot to do you any lunch'' replied an angry Mrs Baker. That afternoon Mr Baker opened up the shop. All kinds of cakes and biscuits were being bought, but no bread and no iced buns because of forgetful Mr Baker. When the shop closed later that day Mr Baker began to count the money. ''One hundred and one, one hundred and two'' he called out. Mrs Baker entered the shop. ''When you have finished that'' she said, ''Can you remember to bring me up three tea-cakes.'' ...read more.


''I will leave you some nails behind the van,'' said Mrs Baker, ''And don't forget.'' ''Nails behind the van,'' replied Mr Baker as Mrs Baker left, ''I'll remember that or my name's not Bobby Baker.'' He fell asleep in the van. When he woke up, he moved the van back into his drive. As it began to move Mr Baker heard a loud bang! He stopped the van and went to look round the back. ''Oh no!'' he cried, ''I forgot about the nails.'' At this point out of the shop ran Mrs Baker, ''What was that!'' she called. ''The nails for the fence,'' answered Mr Baker. Before he could finish Mrs Baker said, ''Don't tell me, you forgot.'' ''Yes,'' he quietly said. ''One of these fine days,'' she said, ''You're going to forget your own name, Peter Baker.'' The End. ...read more.

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