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Mr.Collin's Proposal - Pride amd Prejudice.

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Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice focus on Elizabeth the seconds eldest sister in the Bennet family she is proposed to her one being Mr Collins her cousin and Mr Darcy a very rich man, desired to marry Elizabeth refuses both offers. This is in her best interest, as she will inherit her family estate when her father dies. Mr Collins arrives at Longbourne Monday 18th November. He hints to Mrs Bennet that he is there to marry one of her daughters. His first choice was Jane however Mrs Bennet suggests that Jane will soon be engaged. He then changes his mind very quickly and chooses Elizabeth. It only takes a split second to change his mind showing that he only wants a wife, that shows that Mr Collins ostentatious Wednesday 27th November he decided that if was time to propose to Elizabeth. ...read more.


This showed Mr Collins' true colours. Mr Collins proceeds to tell her how modest she is and that she had many other perfections, he does this without being able to know these things because he had not known her long enough to shower her with praise. Mr Collins lets her know that he is madly in love with her but falls to see the truth behind the situation that Elizabeth only stayed because her mother had told her. "I am run away with feelings on this subject". Mr Collins tries to justify reasons for marring Elizabeth but these reasons seem to be fruitless and none plausible. Lay Catherine telling him it is time he should marry and to set an example to his parishioners as a clergyman neither show true intent to marry. ...read more.


"It is impossible for me to do otherwise than decline them ". Mr Collins refuses to except this refusal and persists to propose more even though Elizabeth has been clear in her answer. Elizabeth believes she is not right for him and Lady Catherine would agree with this assessment. Mr Collins has set his sights on marrying Elizabeth and says he shall talk and explain to Lady Catherine, Elizabeth's situation and await her response. This portrays that Mr Collins will only marry on Lady Catherine's word, again showing insincere actions. Elizabeth continues to decline his proposal, as he continues not to accept it only wanting to hear a "Favourable answer ". Mr Collins finally to begin to realise marrying Elizabeth is not going to be easy and leaves Longbourne Estate and goes to Charlotte. Charlotte Bowen Knight 10 Westwood Mrs.Atherfold English Course work ...read more.

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