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much ado about nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing The palace at Messina was the home of the governor, Leonato, his daughter Hero, and his niece Beatrice. Hero was more of a serious girl and Beatrice was a lively and talkative girl who was witty. At the time the story of these two young women begins, some soldiers were passing through Messina on the way from war. They were brave and came back to Messina to visit Leonato. Among them was Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon, friend Claudio, who was the lord of Florence and Benedick, who was the lord of Padua. They have all been to Messina before and Leonato reintroduced them to Hero and Beatrice as old friends. Benedick began a lively conversation with Leonato and prince, Beatrice who didn't like being out of the conversation interrupted them by telling Benedick that no one was listening to him. Beatrice kept insulting Benedick. ...read more.


The same happened to Beatrice. And she started to believe it as well. Everything looked positive and happy until her wedding day. The prince's half brother Don John, who was with the soldiers, was a wicked man. He didn't like his brother prince and also hated Claudio as they were friends. He was determined to prevent Claudio's marriage to Hero. Just to make the prince and Claudio unhappy. Don John hired a man called Borachio. He was in love with Hero's attendant, Margaret. Don John told Borachio to persuade Margaret to talk to him from her lady's bedroom window the night before the marriage, when Hero was a sleep. She was to dress like Hero so when the prince and Claudio saw Margaret and Borachio outside it would look like Hero. Claudio and the prince were angry and decided to make her embarrassed tomorrow, on their wedding day. ...read more.


Claudio spent that evening mourning over Hero's tomb. When morning came Claudio and the prince marched to the church where the good priest Leonato and his niece was there. Leonato introduced Claudio to his promised bride. Hero had a mask on so that no one could see her face. Claudio said 'give me your hand, before this holy priest. I will be your husband if you will marry me.' Hero, taking off her mask and answered 'and when I lived, I was your other wife,' Everyone was amazed as they all believed that hero was dead. But Benedick interrupted with a proposal to Beatrice. Beatrice wasn't so sure about the marriage and realized that both of them have been tricked into believing love where there wasn't one in the first place. To end the story don john was caught and brought back to Messina, the punishment for this gloomy and miserable man was to enjoy a fest which took in Messina for the celebration of two marriages. ?? ?? ?? ?? Junhee Oum VD ...read more.

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