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Much Ado About Nothing

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Much ado About Nothing Act 2, scene 3 is one of the most important scenes in the play "Much Ado About Nothing". How far do you agree with this statement? Act 2 scene 3 is the most important scene in the play because this is where Benedick changes from being "horribly" against love to being in love. This shows how easy Benedick can fall into a trap. At the end of the scene Beatrice also falls into the same trap. In this scene is it proven that men are "deceivers" but not only that women are "deceivers" too. This is shown when Ursula and Hero talk about Benedick and Beatrice. In Benedick first soliloquy he wonders "how much another man is a fool, when he dedicates his behaviours to love" basically he considers that person a fool who falls in love. He portrays men, who fall in love, as the ones who have "turned orthography". In this case he takes the example of Claudio. ...read more.


He is misusing his power. Both the prince and Claudio do not care about anyone's feelings. This is shown when Claudio comes to marry Hero and insults her and her dad in front of his guests. This is the same case in this scene. Don Pedro and Claudio do not care about Benedick. They want to laugh at his stupidity. In both cases the same thing is echoing "Men were deceivers ever". His friends' behaviour was always selfish and arrogant. When they first arrive at Leonato's house Benedick makes jokes about love. Don john, prince's evil brother, is always up to something evil. Claudio and Don Pedro along with Leonato plan to make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love. Later on in the play Claudio and the prince accuse Leonato without knowing the truth. Too much is given to them and they misuse it. The use of language in this scene also has an effect and adds to importance of this scene. Shakespeare uses metaphors, connotations and other techniques to create some kind of visual humour. ...read more.


The use of metaphors to describe one's foolishness works in his plays. When Benedick arrives at Leonato's house he deliberately starts debating to Beatrice and even goes as far as to say "...my horse had the speed of your tongue" this creates utter amusement. Act 2 scene 3 is important because it is in this scene where the most comedy is concentrated and it is in this scene where Benedick changes from being a love-hatter to saying 'the world must be peopled' as if he were doing world a favour. Overall Benedick seems the most hilarious most stupid character in this play. The second most important scene Act 4 scene 1 this is because this is the scene where Claudio accuses and insults Hero and her dad despite he does not know the truth. The main themes of this play are love, comedy, marriage and betrayal. The title of this play is "Much ado about nothing". It can be interpreted as "Much to do about nothing", "Much to do about noting", "Much ado about no-thing", and "Much fuss about noticing". In Shakespearean times "nothing" would be pronounced "noting". However all of the meanings relate to the play. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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