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Much Ado about Nothing Extract - 1st wedding

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This moment in MAAN by Shakespeare is dramatic because of the destruction of Claudio and Hero's newly-formed relationship. This first scene of Act 4 follows the scene where Don John informs Claudio of deception and announces the scene with Beatrice and Benedick's logical thinking. The wedding is important as it represents the obstacle which must be resolved by the end of the comedy. This scene is made captivating because of the continuous stream of questions and the dramatic irony used in this moment. Leonato and Hero constantly ask questions - almost everything they say is composed of interrogative statements - adding to the confusion. Leonato is first to ask a question "what do you mean, my Lord?" the use of "My Lord" shows a sign of respect - Leonato respects Claudio and indicates him as a person of importance. Both Leonato and Hero use words such as "my Lord" and "sweet prince" in order to convey the sense of respect - they want to understand what is going on, but also do not want to seem intrusive. ...read more.


This perplexity holds the audience - they are wanting to see what will happen next. The dramatic irony is questioned - did the affair truly happen? The scene did not occur in the play so the audience are left wondering, yearning to see what happens next. They wonder what Hero will do - being accused of such a drastic thing - as she has never been intrusive or spoken out for long. When she does though - yet another question - "and seem'd I ever otherwise to you?" the audience is still captivated to see how the other characters react - Hero speaking is not a common occurrence. However because Hero has used the word "seem'd" Claudio yet again accuses Hero based on her appearances. Claudio admits that Hero is "as Dian in her orb" - a seemingly modest, beautiful woman - but has come to an 'understanding' . She is "more intemperate in her blood..." "blood" suggests here that she cannot rid herself of this sin and that her sin will run in the family; that is, that all her family will have their honour ruined. ...read more.


The audience questions the characters and wonders whether the protagonists will be able to overcome this obstacle after the emotional vulnerable manner in which they have responded. However, the resolution of this obstacle is made even stronger as they later unite and overcome Don John's maliciousness together, creating a happy ending for this comedy. The beginning of Scene 1 in Act 4 is dramatic because of the dramatic irony used by Shakespeare in the way that the characters of Hero and Claudio constantly ask questions but ironic, because the audience already know the answer - building up their worry for hero, the questioning of whether the accused is guilty and distraught when Hero responds emotionally. This scene is used to present the dramatic obstacle needed to be overcome by the characters so they can finally unite at the end of this comical play - this scene is do dramatic, the audience can't help but wonder if the conventional comedy will veer off into the abyss of a tragic conclusion. Band 1 - confident understanding - carefully selected evidence - insightful, specific analysis - topic statements build on one another to create an overall sense of argument - connected meaningfully to the idea of genre and acknowledges the possible merging of the comic and tragic. ...read more.

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