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Much Ado About Nothing - the relationships between men and women.

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Lewis Compton Much Ado About Nothing Essay In my essay, I will be studying the play by William Shakespeare, titled Much Ado About Nothing, and writing about how relationships between men and women are shaped through change and deception, in particular, I will be writing about the relationship which is formed between two of the main characters in the play, named Beatrice and Benedick. I will make four points in the essay to show how the relationship is formed between the pair, give quotes from the play to help explain my point and give a comment on the quote, give my opinion and show how the deception or change took place, and I will finish my essay with a conclusion. At the start of the play, all the characters from Messina, where the play is set, attend a party all wearing masks, to disguise their real identities Beatrice Nor will you tell me who you are? Benedick Not now. Beatrice That I was disdainful, and that I had my good wit out of the 'Hundred Merry Tales'- well, this was Signor Benedick that said so. Benedick What's he? Beatrice I am sure you know him well enough. Benedick Not I, believe me. Beatrice Did he never make you laugh? Benedick I pray you, what is he? Beatrice Why, he is the prince's jester, a very dull fool. ...read more.


Act 3, Scene 1, Lines 37-43 They are trying to set Beatrice and Benedick up with one another, and make up rumours of Benedick declaring his love for Beatrice, but then telling him to keep it a secret. Beatrice then believes that this is why he hasn't been too kind to her in the play before this point. Both deception and change is highlighted in this part of the story. The deception takes place when Hero and Ursula talk of Benedick swearing his affection for her when he hasn't, then leading Beatrice to believe that he likes her. Change therefore takes place in Beatrice's opinion of Benedick. Before this point, Beatrice believed that Benedick hated her, but after what Hero and Ursula say, Beatrice thinks of Benedick in a different light, thinking that the nasty comments are his way of disguising his affection for her. Hero and Ursula hoped that they could get Benedick and Beatrice together in the hope of proving Beatrice wrong, as previously in the play she said that she would never marry. The third point I wish to make is around an event at Hero's first wedding. Following Don John's attempt to discredit Hero, making her look unfaithful, we see Benedick comfort Beatrice. Beatrice You have stayed me in a happy hour. I was about to protest I loved you. Benedick And do it with all thy heart. Beatrice I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest. ...read more.


They still announce it whilst talking about each other in a mean way- Benedick says he is marrying her because he feels sorry for her, Beatrice says she is marrying Benedick because she heard he was about to die. This argument amuses the crowd already in attendance at Claudio's wedding, as they cannot believe that they can argue show much and show each other up like this, yet still want to get married. For my conclusion, I hope to have shown through my essay how relationships between men and women can be shaped through deception and change, using Benedick and Beatrice as an example. At the masked ball, Beatrice deceives Benedick into thinking that she is unaware of who he is, because he is wearing a mask. The next example shows how others deceive them into thinking that they love each other- this is probably the most important point in how the relationship is formed. The third point shows that the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick changes as soon as another person is brought into the story, as Benedick loves Beatrice, but will not kill his best friend for her. The final point in which I try to show how deception can form a relationship shows that everyone can be deceived by the relationship between two people. Beatrice and Benedick both had a cruel exterior and throughout the play they were always making cruel comments and remarks about each other, but in secret, they obviously had a relationship going. ...read more.

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