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"Mud and blood...blood and mud!"

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Raissa Cael Reyes English- Mrs. Holden "Mud and blood...blood and mud!" Title: MacB Foul is fair Author: Neil Arksey Genre: Juvenile Fiction Source: High school library Date Read: 22nd April 2006 Rating: **** Football can de deadly! Banksie and MacB spent their summer holidays playing and perfecting their soccer moves hoping to get into the school soccer team. A fortune-teller then tells them that they will both get into the team and both will be the captain-one after the other. The present captain, Duncan King, suffers in a terrible accident. Soon the fortune-teller's predictions begin to come true, and Banksie starts to wonder if MacB was somehow involved in this. MacB is based on one of Shakespeare's most famous stories, Macbeth. ...read more.


However, MacB is quite different to Macbeth as no one dies, instead of Duncan dying, he just gets badly injured, Banksie was also not killed but was injured as well. Although both, Duncan and Banksie, were sabotaged by MacB, as he had tampered with Duncan's bike and had paid the opposing players to side tackle Banksie and injure his leg. MacB was also not killed but instead was taken by the police and will probably be in juvenile prison. The writer has used a lot of effective imagery to make the reader see what is happening in the book, "Mac headed it: one, two, three, then dropped it to his instep, a dead ball. He paused for a moment, the ball frozen to his foot, before flicking it up and heading it back. ...read more.


This sort of creates uncertainty for us, we do not know as much about them. I think that this story was great as I myself like to play soccer. I understand that for some people, soccer is their life and would do anything for it, to be captain. That's why MacB did what he did, he wanted to be captain, he knew he deserved it, he was a great player. However I don't think it was right to put any one's life for captainship. Although that might have been the only way he was ever going to be captain, as the team's coach, Mr. Powell seemed to favour Duncan, as he had been the soccer captain for the past two years. I think that most teenagers would be interested in this book, especially those who like to play soccer. Mud and blood...blood and mud... ...read more.

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