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'Mum, I'm going out.' asked Dan.

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'Mum, I'm going out.' asked Dan. Debbie had a look of astonishment on her face. 'No! Of course you're not, Daniel. Don't you remember you're still grounded from last weeks escapades!' she replied angrily. 'Call me Dan, ok? And anyway, that is so unfair! I'm 16; I should be able to do what I want!' he answered with rage in this voice. His face began to burn, as the anger grew inside him. 'Yes, you should, Dan. But when you get to do as you please, you ruin that freedom by getting into trouble.' Her face was contorted with rage having had to deal with Dan's mischievous behaviour since he was a small boy. 'Have you forgotten why you were grounded? That old lady you scared on the tube almost had a heart-attack.' She emphasised his nickname a mocking that made Dan's temper become even worse than usual. 'Shame I didn't.' he said under his breath. 'I heard that Daniel,' she yelled. 'Surprised your hearing ain't gone, you're pretty old aren't you mum!' he answered back. 'What is it now, fifty, sixty?' 'How dare you? Your father and I worked hard to raise this family and you're branding us parents who can't control their youngest. You need to take a leaf out of Robert's book. He never shouts at us or gets into trouble with the police. If only you were like him.' 'Yeah, but Robbie's only got half a brain,' he said. 'Go to your room. I don't want you ever speaking like that about your brother,' she yelled. Debbie's face was red and looked like she was about to explode. ...read more.


'Ok. I'll do anything to not be sent away from you.' 'All right. I know the code to their safe. I had to nick a gold watch from there recently to pay for those Eminem tickets. You have to pack things you'll need, like a few clothes and a wash bag. We can buy new everything when we get to wherever we're going. But don't let Mum or Dad see you pack. Tonight we'll sneak downstairs, get the money, and we'll take Dad's BMW to the airport and then we can buy tickets on the next flight. My plan is foolproof!' 'Wicked, I can't wait!' Robbie walked around his room with excitement picking up things he wanted and put them into an Adidas holdall. Dan was doing the same. He then went to the top drawer of his bedside table and pulled out something covered in a towel. It was a handgun. When he was thirteen his mate, Lee, gave it to him as a birthday present after he had a run in with a local troublemaker that threatened to mess him up. He loaded the six bullets in the chamber, grabbed a handful of bullets, which he slipped them into this black leather jacket pocket. He put the gun into the back of his trousers, so in case it was needed he could take it out easily and swiftly. As Dan walked along the landing to Robbie's room, a smile appeared on his face as he thought about driving Paul's BMW convertible at 100mph along the M25, something that he had been dreaming about for years. 'Rob, it's about half ten now. ...read more.


The police had predicted that they would go to the nearest airport and get try to make an easy getaway hell out of there. It was a game of cat and mouse, with the cat being the stronger side. Dan had a gun, and he knew how to use it, but the police didn't know either fact. They finally got to Heathrow and stopped the car outside the main entrance. From behind them a police van sped up, and from it emerged policemen, with machineguns strapped across their shoulders, and held tightly in their hands. Their guns were aimed at their heads. Dan and Robbie grabbed their bags and ran into the main entrance. Now the three armed policemen chased them through the terminal. Dan pulled the gun from the back of his trousers, grabbed a civilian from beside him and held the loaded weapon to her head. The cops stopped immediately. 'Put down your guns, and lie on the floor facing me,' Dan shouted violently. The cops hesitated. 'Do it now or this woman has her brains blown to pieces.' The cops' put their guns down gently and fell to the floor. 'Dan, don't do it,' Robbie urged him. 'This is not what I signed up for when I agreed to do this. We're cornered, lets just give up.' 'Are you kidding. Everything I'm doing I'm doing it for you. Don't you see that? I am not going back to prison! You hear me.' 'What good would it do to kill her, she's innocent. If you do it, if you kill her, the police with catch you, and the jury will have no mercy. Murder is serious. Don't you get that? You give up now and we both have a short time in prison. Which would you rather, huh? Just give it to them!' 06/05/2007 The Robbery Laura 11G 1 ...read more.

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