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Murder Most Foul.

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Murder Most Foul. Hi, my name is Nick Kingson. I live in the suburb of London city. I live in an institute for homeless people. I have been here for the last past nine years. I am now 17 years old. During my nine years in the institution, my best friend has been David Bryant. He is like me but his past has a tragedy storey. His mother was black and his father was white. During a shopping trip, his parents were stepped in the parking area by white youths. David was only three then and couldn't do anything. When I heard his storey, I couldn't stop my tears. The tears were like a riverbank waiting to burst. Unlike him, my parents were with me until I was six. After that my father left my mum and went with another woman. As if that wasn't enough my mother died in a car accident. Later I found out that the accident occurred because she was drinking alcohol. ...read more.


We came across a shop that had food on display. Looking at it made our mouth watery. We had no choice; we took some of the food and ran as fast as we can. After running for half a mile, the shop owner stopped chasing us. We ate the food. At the moment I thought how we are going to survive. I lived most of my life in an institute and didn't know much about the outside world. It was getting dark and as we were walking around the street, we found an old abandoned house. It looked empty. So we decided to take the night there. We thought the back door will be open but it wasn't. We decided to break the glass a bit just enough to open the door. As we entered, we found the kitchen. It looked like if some one was there because there were bread and butter on the dinning table, and the fridge was full of allsorts of things, like milk, fruit juice etc. I told David to check downstairs while I go upstairs and check there. ...read more.


We stayed in the prison cell over the night. The next morning the policeman walked through the door and he face projected a sad news. He told us that the old lady died in the hospital during the night. David placed his hand over his face and cried. I didn't feel it was his fault, but it was our fault for breaking in an entry and because of that an old lady died. The policeman told us from the evidence they gathered that we told the true story. I felt a bit relaxed but I wouldn't forget what happened. I will always have the cogence that I was responsible for a death. David took the death harder on himself. He felt that it was his fault. We had to do community sentence for 1 year. As time went on I got a bit better and came back to my self. On the other hand, David was still thinking about it. I told him about hundred of times but still he feels it's his fault. Our sentence passed quickly and we were back at the institute. The life went normal there. But to this date David is still thinking about what happened. Sajeevkumar Shanmuganathan. ...read more.

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