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Murder Mystery

Extracts from this document...


Murder Mystery The cottage was always quiet; the soft blue walls made it seem bigger than it actually was. Rachel had always lived there ever since her auntie died and left it to her. It was very remote, along a heavy-hedged back country lane, miles away from anyone else. Rachel returned from work one evening late and lay back on her sofa after opening the french windows to let the warm grass scented breeze blow through the stuffy cottage. She lay back; her long brown hair was released from its clip and hung over the arm of the sofa. She kicked off her shoes and lay back picking up the stereo controller from the floor and turning on the CD player which began to play the CD she had put in the night before. A relaxed song started up; it was her Stereophonics album. The song which came on reminded her of the previous night when her new man Steve had cooked for her then by nine the next morning he'd performed a magical disappearing act. Rachel had been single for about a year and a half and now she was twenty-five and she'd decided she needed to get out and meet a new man after her and Andrew had split up. She was now working as a family law solicitor after years of training; her job had been the cause of the break up with Andrew. Doing the job she did she got involved with a lot of jealous ex wives whose husbands she'd help divorce them. This one woman called Silvia Ripley had attacked her and she had a restraining order put on her and she'd never bothered Rachel again. This was about the same time that Andrew got fed up and bailed on Rachel and funnily enough for one of her clients who had just been filing a divorce from her possessive husband and had been spending a lot of time at the cottage when Andrew was also living there. ...read more.


"I did but he apologised for everything and it was a long time ago now, I'm willing to forget." "Oh well but did you find out what he meant about the regret thing?" "Oh my god, yeah, he used to beat up his girlfriend big time, he put her in hospital when he pushed her down the stairs." Ally didn't believe her, "Yeah right, are you sure that isn't just Andrew trying to scare you off him because he wants you back." Rachel thought for a second, "Andrew wouldn't do that Ally, he's not like that." The conversation drifted off in other directions and the girls decided to go out for a meal together. Rachel hadn't seen Steve for a few days now, so she was hoping that maybe he'd gone off her. They ended up in a pub and had carvery and sat there talking until kick out time. When they returned home Rachel looked at the front door and in red paint someone had written R.I.P on the white painted wood. The girls looked at each other and were totally freaked out by this, this was getting seriously scary now and a little past a joke and they both knew someone was serious. Rachel opened the door, she'd picked up a garden fork, which had been outside the door, and they went in. On the floor, infront of them was an unmarked envelope on the doormat infront of her. They looked at one another with fear shooting through them. They quickly got into the house and shut the door and turned on all the lights. Rachel carefully opened the letter on the kitchen table; out of the envelope she pulled a piece of white paper and unfolded it. It said this time in big, typed, red letters, "HOW MUCH LONGER WILL I WAIT?" Both of them began to cry with terror and Rachel picked up the phone and rang the police. ...read more.


Ally, well I didn't plan that one but it was just for fun really because I couldn't have her witnessing any of it so I thought I might as well kill her too." His tone of voice was so relaxed, it angered Rachel so much and before he had the chance to stop her she hit him in the face full pelt with the baseball bat. "You are sick Steve, how could you do that to everyone you don't realise how much damage you have done do you?" She couldn't hold back and she hit him again, she felt his face crunch as she crushed it with the baseball bat, blood started flowing all over her cream carpet and ran into Ally's blood. He was dead she stood there and cried and kept hitting him until she fell to the floor. She sat staring at the two bodies for about ten minutes before ringing the police. They came and took both the bodies and Rachel was questioned. She wasn't arrested or anything because she had killed Steve and that pleased a lot of people. She was pretty shocked afterwards for months but proud that she killed Steve after everything he had done. Ten years passed and Rachel got a new man who she ended up marrying, it was Edward they had always got on well and when he was twenty-one and she was thirty they ended up getting together and three years later they were married much to everyone's delight and after another three years Rachel gave birth to twins, Alexandra and Bethany which was a new beginning for both families and helped them to get over the loss of Beth, Rob and Andrew. Edward and Rachel's parents took a long time to recover and they ended up moving to Spain and buying a villa and living together. Edward and Rachel took on Rachel's parents farm and that although so much that couldn't be forgotten had happened, the families had found ways to move on and were beginning to get their lives back together after so long. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Andrew Marvell section.

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