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Murder on the Orient Express Book Review

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Murder on the Orient Express - Book Review "Murder on the Orient Express" was written by Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime, in 1934. This detective story features fictional character, the famous detective Hercule Poirot. Detective Hercule Poirot boards the Orient Express with other twelve passengers. Later, the Orient Express is stuck due to a snowdrift. Soon, the rich Simon Ratchett is found dead in his compartment, and the window is wide open. Ordinary people might think the murderer has left the train and escaped the train, but they realize that the murder must be one of the passengers or staff on the Orient Express. M. Bouc asks Hercule Poirot to take the case, and together they have to try hard and solve this mystery. They try to look for clues and they question all the passengers on the train, and they also search their luggage. In the end, they find out that the passengers have different identity, and their motives are unveiled. I think this book is very interesting, and the plot is intriguing. ...read more.


For example, in this book, he knows that the twelve passengers on the Orient Express are all the murderers. They have killed Ratchett because of his wrongdoing in the past, which is kidnapping a child named Daisy Armstrong, and kills her after the Armstrong family pays the ransom. Murdering is a crime, but this time, the murderers kills Ratchett due to moral principles. However, Poirot decides to let the murderers go and he even proposes a plan that they will tell the police the murderer has escaped the train. From my point of view, I disagree with their choice. There is an idiom, "an eye for an eye". In this case, it is "a life for a life". Usually, it is my strong conviction that criminals should be brought to court to receive their sentence due to the matter of public justice instead of undergoing private vengeance, as it is totally against the law and unfair. However, in this case, Ratchett escaped punishment and he could not be punished. From the Armstrong family's point of view, murdering Ratchett is the only way for them to seek their revenge. ...read more.


For three days these people, these strangers to one another, are brought together. They sleep and eat under one roof, they cannot get away from each other. At the end of three days they part, they go their several ways, never, perhaps, to see each other again". In the story, the twelve passengers are brought together as they stay on the Orient Express for three days, only to murder Ratchett. They are all linked together because of Ratchett and the Armstrong family. Then, they will part their ways. Therefore, the previous lines from the book actually serve with the purpose of foreshadowing, and it can motivate the readers to think more about the clues as it can arouse their curiosity and interest. In conclusion, I think "Murder on the Orient Express" is one of the best detective books that I have ever read. The author creates a flawless plot with a surprising twist, and the sentence structures make the clues clearer and more easily to be remembered. Undoubtedly, it is also a page-turner, making readers want to know more and try to find the murderer. No wonder why Agatha Christie is called the Queen of Crime! ...read more.

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