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My adventures in South Africa...

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An eye-opening journey... In October 2004, myself and 23 other well travelled (and not so well travelled) locals went on a two-week adventure in South Africa. Within a few hours of stepping off the plane in Jo'burg International Airport we had seen the famous Jacaranda trees, visited two places representative of South Africa's' diverse history and learnt the exciting and challenging journey of the Vortrekker settlers. We soon realised that to fit in everything on the itinerary this wasn't going to be a sunbathing break, but anything was possible with our fantastic tour guide (and friend) Liese, and our driver (and chief bird spotter) Roy. The luxury of that night's hotel was definitely a taste of things to come, usually with both fantastic views and brilliant rooms. The first wildlife of our holiday was found at Crystal Springs (my favourite holiday location) in the form of a Vervet monkey, and although very sweet he didn't quite match up to the variety of big (and small) ...read more.


Within 24 hours we had completed another set of border checks and were headed for Nisela safaris coffee shop where we experienced much more than good coffee! In the 2 hours that we spent there we had watched sunbathing crocs, stroked a lion called Lucky and participated in traditional Zulu dancing, all memories that will stay with us for a very long time! The next two days (and nights) were spent at Bonamanzi Game Ranch situated in the Hluhluwe (pronounced sheshluway) Umfolozi Park, where we continued with our game watching and birding. The following day we found ourselves under the city lights of Durban. Whilst recovering from a major culture shock we paddled in the Indian Ocean but declined the offer to swim due to our factual trip to the Natal Sharks Board earlier that day. On our flight back to Johannesburg it felt like our journey was coming to an end but the last few days proved to be the most educational. A visit to Soweto (one of the original areas that black South Africans were forced to during the apartheid) ...read more.


I was shocked and appalled by her blatant racism and disregard for the other races abundant in Johannesburg) She quite clearly stated that our visit to Soweto had been a very stupid idea and that mixing with "those kinds of people" would be frowned on by most of the white population. Even though I knew that the apartheid had had a huge impact in this place many years ago, I automatically presumed that the people had moved on from this politically incorrect mindset shown by their ancestors. My trip to south Africa showed me that even after thousands of people had given their lives to stand up for their race (whether for the right reasons or not) this country still has, and probably will have for many years a serious racial divide that left me feeling ashamed to be the colour that I am. On the flight home we could reflect on the culturally diverse, eye-opening and exciting two weeks that we had just experienced, and chat about the holiday I will never forget. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zo� Bevis English Coursework 08/05/07 ...read more.

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