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My aim of this assignment is that I am going to mention who was responsible for Romeo & Juliet's death and why.

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Introduction: My aim of this assignment is that I am going to mention who was responsible for Romeo & Juliet's death and why. General Summary: Act I A meeting of servants from the Montague's and The Capulets ends in a brawl. Prince Escalus threatens dire punishment if such fighting recurs. The Montague's are pleased that their Romeo has not been involved and Benvolio is asked to discover the cause of Romeo's recent depression. Romeo reveals he has fallen in love with Rosaline but she does not return his affections. Benvolio suggests that he look elsewhere. Lord Capulet invites Paris who wishes to marry his daughter, Juliet, to a masked ball that evening. Romeo learns of the ball and decided to gatecrash since Rosaline will be there. But Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love, unaware that each belongs to the rival family. Tybalt, Lady Capulet's nephew, recognises Romeo but is prevented by Capulet doing him violence. Act II Romeo overhears Juliet talking on the balcony and steps forward to declare his love. They agree to marry without delay. Romeo visits his friend, Friar Lawrence, who consents to marry the couple in secret, hoping that this may lead to an end of the family feud. ...read more.


The responses in this scene for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet show how the outcomes will be at the end, because it shows fighting in the beginning, which more likely to result to death for some of the characters in the story. The person who was responsible for Romeo and Juliets death would involve Tybalt because he really does make Romeo feel very weary and frustrated which leads him feeing as if he will loose his mind at some point of the story, I felt that when Romeo bought the poison of the apothecary, which makes his attitude more intellectual because of what he did to Tybalt. But this wouldn't of happened if Tybalt wasn't so misunderstood of the feelings of Romeo and also if Romeo wasn't immature enough to understand Benvolio's suggestions. It shows that Romeo is leading him self to a wrong path and that his family is really maddening him at a young age because he loves a girl who is a Capulet and that both families are rivals. But in line (8 scene 2) it tells us that Capulet says Juliet is a 'stranger in the world' referring to that she is still quite young. ...read more.


He also mention some depression in the beginning about Tybalt 'A villain that is hither come'. He realises that to him love is a source of responsibility and that what Benvolio said is a outcome that he refused to listen. After the few scenes pass, Benvolio makes a big mistake of informing Juliets death to Romeo which has been misunderstood, this is because Juliet drinks the potion that she received from Friar quote ' if thou darest, I'll give thee remedy.' She says her last sayings before drinking the vial 'Romeo, I will come! This do I drink to thee'. As for the misunderstanding of Balthasar, some may feel that it is appropriate that the nurse who has betrayed Juliet should be the one who has to break the dreadful news to the family after discovering Juliet apparently dead and that this fact then reacts on Romeo buying the poison of the apothecary and drinking it after realising Juliet is alive, which builds tension after Juliet kills herself after seeing Romeo dead beside her in the last seconds of Romeo's contact with Juliet. For my conclusion I say that The Friar is the one to be blamed and the nurse for the wrong timing of what has taken place. Saeed Ahmed 11MDA 24th October 2003 ...read more.

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