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My Autobigraphy

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My Autobiography The clock hit 15.00. I revolved at the sound of the clock. Any minute now, I thought. I was waiting anxiously in my room for a doorbell. Where were they? I thought there were being picked up at the train station at 14:45. The train station is five minutes away! DING DONG! My heart shook in excitement. The door was opened and there were loud murmurs coming from downstairs. I hadn't made a mistake. They were here. I darted downstairs. My heel slipped off the staircase, and there I went. Tumbling and rolling down the stairs. I landed hard on my elbows and knees. Suddenly, the murmuring and chattering stopped. Deafening laughter and surprised looks filled the room. I could feel my cheeks turning to red. Never had I felt this much different emotions at one time; excitement, anger and sadness. It felt weird. I turned around and walked slowly back up the stairs. ...read more.


I had just noticed that he had grown taller than. The gap was noticeable. I was embarrassed. I knew I had to stay away from standing next to him. He would be boasting about his height all summer. I quickly sat on my bed. The murmuring and laughter downstairs continued. I had just remembered that I hadn't greeted my auntie. I dashed downstairs. "Hey where're you going," asked Ahmed. I couldn't reply. I quickly ran down the 6-case stairways, through the hallway and into the living room. I ran to my auntie and gave her a hug. I stood a metre away from where she was sitting. I had a broad smile on my face. "Well?" I asked. My aunt looked at me in a strange way, and then she nodded her head like she had remembered something. ...read more.


Hmm, I thought. I looked at Ahmed, rubbing my chin. What game will be perfect for him. The chair began to move a little. "Hey Ahmed, hold my chair while I'm standing here," I asked. He began to mumble under his breath. Suddenly, my heel slipped of the chair. My heart contracted. I stopped breathing. Everything was quiet. I was falling in a forward motion. I stuck my hands out in front of me thinking that I will be safe. Makes sense right? WRONG! CRACK! Extreme pain shot up through my whole body. Agony. Total agony. To this day I don't know how loud I shouted that day. I glanced at my right wrist. I can't remember what happened after that moment. "I think he's waking up." Who was that? I looked at my wrist. Something hard was wrapped around it. A picture was on the wall. I blinked hard to focus. It as an X-ray picture. "What's that?" I asked the doctor. "Your wrist." What!? My childhood, was over. ...read more.

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