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My Autobiography

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DANIEL IKOTUN MERTON COLLEGE ENGLISH COURSEWORK (ONE) My Autobiography Is it me sitting down on a chair, getting my books and pen ready for my lesson?. I am in class? I always get to my new college early, ready to study and learn; my physics teacher always says," Good keep it up Daniel". I can't believe what I am now since I stopped seeing my friends from school. My phone keeps ringing in maths and physics class. Lots of missed calls on my phone. Any time I check it is Jaaa, Afeeez, John, Ade, Enny and Sally, my mates from school. Those people I used to call good mates when I was in school, I didn't know I was deceiving myself. Kingsdale school is a school where pupils are free to do whatever they want, but don't get me wrong, pupils do study hard. It's a very good school, not like my former school. At Kingsdale almost every month I used to get into troubled, sometimes my mate got me into trouble and I was quite used to it. ...read more.


Miss got mad and she said with a loud angry voice, "listen up, you lot, this is the beginning and of a new term, I want this to sink into your brains, you have to complete four pieces of English coursework before half term or you won't be entered for GCSE English.'' I was shocked. That was my first coursework pressure. When I got to maths and other lesson I had for the day something was said by all of the teachers, some even said six pieces and we must hand them in earlier than Miss Hunt's. "This is getting terrible "I said. Sometimes something talks to me straight in my mind, in a quite place even in public and when I try to respond people think I am mad. How am I my going to do all this work? I asked my self, the thing spoke, "create a space between you and your friends for a while" What! ...read more.


The policemen arrived, one of the policemen took me to a corner to asked me some question, as I was answering he was writing down the statement into a small jotter. I looked back to checkout my mates; I saw them each with a policeman. After he took our details, they wrote a letter to my house, which got me in to trouble with my dad. Two weeks before the exam week, everyone began to cram. The exam pressure was on. I didn't really worry myself about the exam, because my friends told me it was going to be easy. When my mates were revising for the exam, I thought there was no big deal and I didn't need to study that hard. We started the exams on 21st of June 02, my first on was English literature, and it was too easy for me. Some of the exams were easy, but maths and sciences that is my best subjects were a bit more difficult. In the end I wish I had worked harder for the exams and not played around with my friends. If I had done more work my GCSE results would have been better. ...read more.

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