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My Autobiography.

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My Autobiography My life! Well let me tell you a little bit about myself before I go on to tell you about life. Well I'm Qasim Shaikh, 16 years old. I live in the capital of England London! Believe me its not as exciting as it sounds its pretty boring actually. I live near Green Street. Heard of it? Thought so it's an Asian attraction zone. Wherever you turn all you will see are Asians, believe me you'll probably get sick of them I'm an Asian and I have! Now your probably wondering who I live with well there's me, obviously and my four sisters yes you read right FOUR SISTERS any other boy would of gone insane by now believe me I'm close to the limit. Two younger than me and two older I'm stuck right bang in the middle. Do you know how irritating it gets? Didn't think so, I would trade anyone to be in my position for a day and see how they can handle it. O yeah there's my parents forgot to tell you about them I wonder why that is? Nah they're not that bad well they are but that's some of the time other times they're all right well actually only when I'm getting my pocket money. ...read more.


Three in the morning is when the phone started to ring I had just fallen asleep and didn't realise it was ringing. It must have rang at least five times before my oldest sister picked it up. I remember my sister screaming her head off when she came into my room telling me to get up. I had forgotten that my mum was in hospital and told her to leave me alone. Then it finally hit me I remembered, my sister finally calmed herself down and told me the news. I was so happy and couldn't wait for my mum to come home. During the full night as all my sisters and I were awake we had left the house in a big mess. Everyone was in a real rush to clean the house before my mum came home so that there would be nothing to do when the baby came home and we could all play with her. When my mum did come home with the baby everyone had turned there attention onto the baby so my other youngest sister felt left out. She had been the baby of the family for this long and now all of a sudden she wasn't the baby any more. ...read more.


I don't blame her for thinking that because I would have to if I had been speaking to someone for quite a long time and they suddenly tell me they like me I wouldn't believe them straight away either. As time went on she began to believe me and her feelings became more obvious. We started to flirt more and more and finally when I did ask her out she said yes. Now things are better than ever we are still together and only the other day celebrated our eight-month anniversary. Valentines day is coming up and I want this one to be extra special as it will be my first valentines day spent with her. I'm looking forward to finishing all my exams and going onto college. I have applied to three colleges, which have my courses. I want to go on and study accounting along with maths and ICT in A levels. I want to pass college and go onto a good university where I want to do a degree in Accounting, a further this into a career. I believe that when working you should only choose to work in a particular environment if you like it and not just because you are good at it. This makes you have pride in what you do and will give you an enjoyment throughout life. I hope to fulfil my dreams and ambitions in life. QASIM SHAIKH 11C ...read more.

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