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My Autobiography.

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By Kirsty C-Tucker I didn't cry when I was born, which was quite unusual. The closest I got to crying was when I was handed to my mother, but her first words to me were "Hello. Aww please don't cry." I stopped crying and just stared at her. I was born at 9:15pm on Saturday 26 December 1987. I weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 51cms long. When my mother was in labor my father was watching Ghostbusters and as I was being delivered The Great Escape had just come on so he sat with a glass of sherry in his hand watching that instead of my birth, which didn't impress my mother much. I never really crawled as a baby I went from sitting unaided almost straight to walking, which I started doing at 11 months. Before I could walk my Mum used to give me lots of picture books and toys to play with, which kept me happy for hours just sitting and messing with them. When I could walk I would make my way upstairs and amuse myself with new toys I hadn't seen before and probably some I shouldn't have been messing with! ...read more.


She was called Kelly and was only six. She had gone in for an operation and they had given her too much anesthetic and she had never regained consciousness. I cried all the way home from school that day as my Mum told me she was gone when I got out of school. After Kelly died we got a couple of dogs but they didn't work out until be tried Molly. She was only a puppy and had been abandoned by her owner with 10 other puppies and their Mother had been locked in a shed to die. They had escaped and were found wandering the streets. We bought her and have had her ever since. She is now 9 years old and totally loopy and I love her to bits. I enjoyed primary school on the whole up until year six when I had a nasty teacher called Mrs. Howard who I didn't like and she didn't like me. She was always yelling at me for something and I gave up trying in the end. I did well in my SATs though and I got straight 5's. I couldn't wait to leave primary school and go to high school. ...read more.


Things are going pretty well for me as my Mother and Stepfather Steve Tucker have now just had their 6th wedding anniversary. I have just started my G.C.S.E's and am finding it a lot of work and a bit of a struggle to fit it all in. I have a paper-round, cleaning the house for three and a half hours a week for �20.00 a week, Swimming twice a week and looking after my horse that I have had for a year now and is called Quincey. (I didn't name her. She was already called that when I bought her.) She is a white with gray dapple stamps, Irish cob of 15.1hh. She has a few problems that need sorting out but I wouldn't sell her for the world. When I leave school I want to go to collage. I'm not totally sure what I want to be when I'm older but at the moment I'm stuck on being a Doctor in the hospitals at the A+E department. It will probably change and besides my Mother fell in love with America and wants to move there in five years so I might not be in England for much longer anyway! I just want to be happy in whatever I do and live a happy, long life. ...read more.

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