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My Autobiography

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My Autobiography My name is Dilwar Hussain i am sixteen years old and a year eleven pupil at Jamia Madinatul Ullum (JMU). In this autobiography I won't be telling you everything, but only some aspects of my life I'll be writing about my way of life today, my first day at nursery, about my primary school and about my life in Bethnal Green Technology college (BGTC). I'll also write about my friends at school, in the area and my involvement with the local youth club. My family play a key role in my life as I don't get to see them as much as I would like too and every so often I anticipate visiting my family whom hopefully look forward to my visit. Finally I will be telling you about my many adventurous visits to my homeland Bangladesh and my much remembered trip to Euro Disney. ...read more.


with him breathing down my neck, slowly nudging me every time I slow down ready to fall on the floor fast asleep. Finally awake and after prayer we sit down to read the holy Qu'ran for a couple of hours which seem to be a couple of days as The well awaited breakfast is served afterwards. After this were get ready for a long day of studying which last from 9-4. Going back over the years to my childhood memories, i can remember it being an eventful, somewhat exciting experience. The very first day when I was at nursery I was squeezing my mother's hand very tightly almost stopping the blood pumping into it. I was very scared surrounded in a environment with a lot of strangers. After awhile things were getting better I started enjoying myself however, as soon as I saw my mother creeping out the door I started screaming hysterically. ...read more.


tried to mug me and to his suprise also mine, i reacted instantly with a punch which soared across his face leaving him dazed long enough for me to run away. Soon enough i got through to year nine of school, three years of school and i decided to study Islam and finally after along talk with my family, i made the choice to go Shajalal Jamia Madinatul Darulum which is located in Manchester and is well known for its strict but efficient teachings. Five years in my school, i have achieved alot in many aspects most importantly for me was the success i had in memorizing the Holy Qu'ran. I have completed 18 chapters of the quran and hopefuly to finish it in 7 months time.many events have took place in the last 2 years in madrasha. i have witnessed alot of bizaare and spooky things.One wich still lyes in the back of my head ...read more.

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