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My Autobiography.

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My Autobiography When I was eleven I moved into a pub, there me and my family shared lots of happy and sad memories. When my mum told me we were moving I was excited. Once we had packed and then unpacked, we had to decorate the pub. It took us a weekend, and then on Monday we were ready to open. We had an opening party that night. A few of my friends came round while my mum and dad got to know some of the regulars. As the weeks went on we got more and more used to the pub life. ...read more.


There was also another time, it was on a Sunday and we went out to get some bar food because on Sundays we put together some snacks for lunch to put on the bar. We went out, we got the food and we came back, we were a bit late because we had to open at twelve and we had ten minutes to open up. So we got the shopping while my mum opened the door but we were looked out because my mum had picked up he wrong keys. We had the pub keys instead of the house keys so my dad had to break in, he reversed his car up to the front of the pub and had to ...read more.


It was nice to invitee my mates round for a night but instead of going out we could stay in and play pool. My brother and I met these two men who we played pool with. When we go out we still se people who come up to us and say 'hi' and ask 'how we are'. The pub was a great experience and my mum and dad were glad to move out. Once we had meet the owner and he was ready to sell the pub, so we moved into a house in Hartley where we still live now. Pub life is great and is okay fro a few years and you enjoy the time you are in there but any longer can tired you out. By Laura Kirk ...read more.

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