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My Autobiography.

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My Autobiography Dawn breaks and I usually awake. I hear the household screaming away and running from place to place. I hear my mother shouting from the top of her voice telling my sister and I to wake up. If we are still not in the bath by this time she shakes us until our eye lids burst open. I then get up freezing from head to toe. I run straight in to the bath and usually have a warm shower that's only if my family hasn't used it all up by then. As I get into the kitchen I see my grandma waiting there and my parents storming out of the house. I have my breakfast thinking about the day that I am going to have. Usually it's a bad feeling that something is going to go wrong. I sometimes dwell on the bad things that have happened to me. I remember back to when I was eleven years old and I was in a car crash. ...read more.


Ever since then it has been my sister or me at the cooker. I think soon enough I will have to start working to support the family because the economy is pretty low with only my father bringing in money. I would never ever mind to work to help the family. I think of school as my freedom, were I can express myself and I can have fun with my friends. I have a lot of friends in and out of school and they all me out when I am in need of it. One of my hobbies is travelling; I have traveled to places such as America, India and Europe. I always love to travel, I learn so much by traveling abroad and they usually are amazing experiences that stand out in my mind. There have been certain holidays that haven't gone according to plan. These are my trips to Spain, India and America. My first trip was to Florida in America. ...read more.


Ever since that day my father has never stepped in a lift. My most recent trip was a long four-week trip to India, on this trip my sister and I took the longest plane ride that anyone has ever had from Delhi to Mumbai. It was meant to be a fifty-minute trip that ended up as a 7-hour horrific journey. We started off at Mumbai and we went from there to Delhi which was too foggy there so we came all the way back and then heard the fog had started to disappear. So we headed back to Delhi and heard the fog had spread everywhere now and we couldn't land anywhere so we then hovered in the sky for a few hours. This plane journey was very boring and near to the end scary because we had heard that the fuel was running out. These have been all of the holidays that have got stuck in to my head. I think its time for me to carry on with my life and see where I end up and what I end up doing. By Mandeep Batavia 10br English coursework Ms.Potts ...read more.

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