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My Autobiography

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MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY INTRODUCTION:- My name is Mohammad Usman Khan. I was born in Lahore on 3rd January 1988 I am fourteen years old. I have had a very enjoyable life so far but there have also been some difficult times for me. In this essay I will write about many aspects of my life. These include my family and my friend and life in Pakistan. I will also explain about my self. some of the most important people in my life are my family, and friends. I will be writing about these and other issues that are special to me in more detail. LIFE IN PAKISTAN:- Pakistan is very different country from England, socially and culturally. ...read more.


He was the loveliest personality of my family. He loved me very much. My Mom and Dad are also very lovely. They love me very much. I love them too .I am eldest in my brothers. They are in Pakistan. I miss them very much. When I was in 9th class my parents sent me to England to study. FRIENDS:- I had lots of friends in Pakistan. They all very hard working and good. We were in same class and had same choice of Favourite subjects. They all get positions. They belong to good families. We used to play different games. When I came here they Were very sad. ...read more.


I watch TV and gardening is my hobby. I am happy when I am with my family and friends. I am also happy when I go out for shopping. I feel very happiness when I get good grades in my studies. AMBITONS/ DREAMS FOR FUTURE:- I want to be a computer engineer or doctor. I want to be a good person and to fulfil my parent's dreams. I want to proof my self best in my all fields of life. I also want to buy a big house and a Lemozine. CONCLUSION:- In conclusion, I have enjoyed thinking and writing my about my life so far. I have achieved a lot. In the future my Ambitions are to improve and complete them. However the most important thing in my life will always be my parents. ...read more.

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