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My Autobiography

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My Autobiography Kaif Abdur-Rashid "There is no one worth of worship except Allah, and Prophet Mohammed (saw) is the messenger of Allah" My life goes by the above sentence. The firm belief in the oneness of Allah, my Lord, who has provided me with this life; the giver and taker of life. I believe that this life is only a test as to which we will be judged for in the life hereafter. I was born on March 12, 1987 at approximately 6:07am, at the Whittington Hospital in Archway, on a humid spring morning, just before dawn. My two older sisters were also born in this hospital, and later, after my auspicious birth, my four younger brothers and little sister were also born there. My younger sister, Aaysha was born with a caesarean and the night before the operation was due, my mother was taken into the labour ward. I remember my mother pointing out the room I was born in - it was relatively big and a lot different than what I've seen on TV. It was then I realised that you can't trust everything you see on television. When my family were in the room opposite to the one I was born in, talking to my mother and consoling her, I sneaked out and went back into the other room, the first room my eyes had ever seen. A strange feeling washed over me as I absorbed everything in my sight, wanting to remember it all forever. Not everyone gets the chance the see the room they were born in. Although I swore to have all the details etched into my mind, looking back, it has all merged into a hazy fog. There was a bed, a huge bath tub and a tall stand next to the bed with a transparent bag attached to the top. I sat down on the firm, high bed in the dimly lit room and wondered how many more children would be born here and how many must have been born there before I was. ...read more.


It was during the holy month of Ramadan we commenced on our journey to Saudi. At the time, I never really understood the concept of fasting and why we actually did it. I knew that it was part of my religion and that everyone in my family did it, but the reasons, rewards and benefits were alien to me. It is only recently I've begun to understand the true magnitude of Ramadan. Abstaining from food isn't the only aspect of fasting, it goes far deeper than that. There is a Hadith1 where the Prophet (PBUH)2 said: "If my Ummah3 would realise what Ramadan really is, they would wish that the whole year round should be Ramadan." Travelling by First Class was an interesting experience and one that may never be repeated. The stewardesses fawned over us like we were royalty and whatever I asked for was produced almost before I had finished asking for it. The seats were huge and luxurious, a soft cream colour and the texture was of rich leather. There were only a few passengers with us and I watched each of them whilst they ate, analysing their large appetites that accompanied their large bellies with bewilderment. They would pierce the meat with gleaming forks vigorously, their foreheads creased in concentration, "sweating like oxen on spits."4 Many of them had thick moustaches and the food got caught in the spirally black hair and they wiped it off daintily with the cloth napkins provided...come to think of it, I've been told many times by my mother to "slow down, the food won't run away!" I guess there are similarities between myself and those fat Arabs and I only hope that in twenty years time, I won't be sitting on a large leather seat, piercing meat with a gleaming fork vigorously, my own forehead creased in concentration, sweating like an ox on a spit, while a young boy watches me in goggle eyed bewilderment. ...read more.


Unable to decipher what everyone was shouting at him, he looked at what they were pointing at and it took him about a minute to register that his car wasn't where he had parked it. Baffled, and still sleepy, he ventured outside to see the car returning...and his grinning son was at the drivers seat. When I saw my dad standing on Boro Mama's doorstep, the feeling of exhilaration stopped dramatically and I could feel my lunch rising back up my oesophagus. The taste of tandoori chicken became very prominent in the back of my throat and for some reason, the smile on my face was stuck there. My father's face, after seeing me smiling so rudely when I had been caught, began turning various shades of red. It was all Tazik's fault. He was supposed to drive back but he chickened out. I parked the car crookedly in its original spot and slowly climbed out, various excuses racing through my mind. As I climbed out the car, I was greeted by a handful of angry relatives and I wasn't smiling happily, like my family thought I was...it was more like grinning sheepishly because I knew that if I didn't smile, I'd cry. My father grabbed me by my ear and dragged me to the house. After about an hour or so, they had all finally grown tired of shouting at someone who wasn't saying anything so they stopped. But my thirst for driving hadn't been quenched. Instead, I loved the feeling of driving, controlling a vehicle all on my own. I can't wait until I got my hands on those keys again. 1 Sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) 2 Peace Be Upon Him 3 People 4 Quoted from Ted Hughes 5 Two pieces of white material worn in an Ancient Greek manner 6 Dawn Prayer 7 A pilgrimage offered in any month of the year, not the month of Hajj. This is not obligatory on a Muslim like Hajj is mandatory on those with sufficient means and capabilities. ...read more.

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