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My Autobiography

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My Autobiography It was the summer before I started secondary school. I had just turned eleven. My family went on holiday to our homeland, India. In search of enlightenment. This was only the second time I had been there but already I felt I belonged there, as though a strong hypnotic spell was constantly drawing me towards it. I had missed my family dearly and although I couldn't wait to see them that wasn't the most important reason I loved India, nor was it the wondrous sights, but the lush green fields and the golden sandy beaches that glistened in the glorious sunshine. I remember lying there lazily, having nothing to do. There I would be as free as a bird. The reason we flew back was due to the upcoming wedding of my cousin. I remember having to stay with my Great Uncle's family. Everyone was busy preparing for the wedding, they were so wrapped up in what they were doing it was like they had sometimes forgotten about me. Still the atmosphere was great, and it was one of the best moments of my life. Everyone was pulling together and it felt like there was a strong bond between the whole family. I will always remember one particular day for all the wrong reasons. It was the evening, my family had all gathered round to hear the wonderful stories my Grandfather would always tell us about his childhood. I especially loved these moments, as it was when I felt the most warmth, love and togetherness. On this night though my Grandfather was not with us as he was seriously ill and had stayed at his home. My Grandmother had forced everyone to leave him alone with her and to try and ignore it. Instead my Great Uncle took his place as the storyteller. I remember how my mind was wondering and how restless I became, wishing I sat beside my Grandfather and had been there for him, like he was always for me. ...read more.


Sometimes I feel he is still alive and lives within me. My parents still talk to me about him and tell me things about his childhood. I still feel very proud to have been related to him and I also feel a great amount of gratitude towards him, as without him I wouldn't have any of the things I have today. I think a lot about him and often wonder if he's looking down at me from above. I will always try to carry on what he started his selfless personality and determination to capture excellence is what I have based my life on today. The end Autobiography I am going to write about the first day at secondary school. I woke up early on a dully morning, and I was feeling nervous but excited, I remember wearing my new uniform as my blazer was too big and I had to roll the sleeves back. Then I packed my bag, but I was unsure what to take so all I took was a pack lunch. When I left to go to school I had to go by myself, but my brother had already shown me where it was and I was told it was only ten bus stops till the school. So when my bus came I was unsure but I got on and counted all the bus stops that what by but I realised I had counted too many, but there were people on the bus who were in the same uniform as me and they had not got off, so I stayed on, and then I saw the school looking big and old, and there were already a lot of children in the playground, then everyone started to get off so I got off as well. When I arrived in the play ground all the children looked bigger than me, then I found my friends that went to my primary school so I was not so nervous, and as we were talking ...read more.


The journey seemed to go on forever, but as usual we chatted endlessly and after some hours, I fell asleep. I woke up after a while feeling exhausted from the days activities. However, I could not stop the thoughts that were coming inside of me. Once again, I started thinking about being rejected, if it is possible to make new friends all over again, starting a new school in a completely different environment and leading a new life. I made up my mind to be strong and be ready for any challenge that I will have to overcome in this great country I had left when I was only a little child. We were informed that we would be landing in London in a few minutes. I looked out from the narrow window sitting beside me, and gazed at the land that was lying peacefully below us. I cannot find the words to describe how I felt then but I know I was very excited. First, I saw the lush green leaves spread out like a massive canopy then little by little buildings emerging. We met my uncle at the Heathrow Airport who had come to pick us up. We were to spend the night at my uncle's house until we go to our own house the following day. As I walked out of the massive airport, I was feeling numb. I think I was felt fear and happiness at the same time. Once again, I was peering through the windows. The roads (or motorways as we call it in England) were huge in comparison to most roads in Sri Lanka and there were thousands of buildings, mostly made out of bricks lying on either side of the road. It was early morning when we got to my uncle's house and his family warmly welcomed us. I was exhausted by the journey and went to get some sleep after awhile. As I lay on my bed I thought about everyone I had left behind and whether my life will ever be the same. The end ...read more.

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