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My autobiography

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My autobiography My life's experiences are quite short and sound weak against the people who travel the world and save peoples lives, but everyone's different. And there must be a few quirky tales im sure I can share about my life. I was born out of my mummy's big tummy in the year of 1986. Looking back, a good year in my eyes. The year of the Berlin wall coming to an end and if there was not enough television already, sky was launched. My birth date is the October the tenth and in a hospital which unusually I do not know. Although on my birth certificate it states Glasgow hospital. I was born in the early morning and that's where my beautiful name originated. My name in Latin means light and the sun shun its rays down on me like a religious miracle when I was born. ...read more.


My dad and brothers were fooling around in the deep end. A few minutes later I heard chanting coming from the deep end and I knew they were up to, lots of mischief! Lots of children were chanting "Daza" coincidently my father's nickname. I just remember a vague impression of everyone looking up. By now half the swimming pool were clapping their hands. What was my dad doing? Why was he walking up? Of course, he was going to jump of the diving board. I thought to myself if had we been to the pub earlier. But we hadn't. He jumped of on the count down of the now near enough Olympic crowds below. I could not believe my dad would have the guts to do this and was quite astonished at the atmosphere. In slow motion my dad jumped of in the normal diving position everything was fine until, until his back legs came down and he smacked into the water. ...read more.


Also there was this really annoying immature boy who kept running in and mooning to us. All the girls screamed with fright, as they had never seen something so repulsive. But unfortunately it did come to an end after crafty little girls got their own back, linking a camera and black mail. My future seems a distant experience, which I wish not to explore or discover just yet. I would love a job in the field of mathematics and physics although it would be very hard work and determination. I do not mind the hard work; I just do not want to look like fifty when I'm twenty because I was stressed and my life revolved around a job. On the other hand, I have a very philosophic way of thinking, a sense of wonder you might say. I've always wondered what is a human being and how the world began. Hopefully when I am older I will also have children no matter what circumstance I am in! ...read more.

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