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My Autobiography by Amy Jones.

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My Autobiography by Amy Jones When I was asked to write this autobiography I couldn't really think what exciting things had happened to me, but here we go. I am sixteen years old. I live in Bath and now I have moved to Leeds, Because I had a lot of problems at my old school (as you will see later!), oh yeah, and I smoke. The start of my life is based on a dream my mother had of me, She was in a strange house, with a small baby in a pram sleeping under a window. My parents had tried for six years to have me but for various reasons they couldn't have the little girl they wanted so badly. The doctors said that my mom couldn't have any more children and that it was medically impossible. They were wrong, here I am. I was born October 25th 1986, screaming before I entered the world, or so I'm told. My parents where so happy they cried their eyes out over me, something they will repeat in years to come! ...read more.


I hated the thought of the secondary school as I was soon to go to. However I grew to love my new school. I was a star pupil and would never do anything wrong. Why things went from good to bad and then to worse I really do not know. In year eight I started smoking. To be honest I really wish I hadn't as now it is such a pain to try to give up. Year nine, still smoking and I had started skiving. To me school had got so boring and I preferred spending my days in the sun than in a crappy little classroom (I still find it hard!). That's when I started to go downhill, skiving, because it was always just the easy way out. I started cutting my arms and wasn't the happy little girl I had been. Soon my school, found out that I was missing school and called my parents. My parents also that same day found out that I was cutting myself and smoking fags. The horror I must have put them through. ...read more.


So I didn't go, it was easier. Just when things had got so bad and they couldn't get any worse school wise. My godmother called and told me about a college near to her home in Leeds, a place where they would help me be what I want, be willing to show me what I had missed. My parents still live in Bath and I go home weekends but in the week I live just down the road from college with my godmother. Things are going great!! I don't cut myself anymore and my parents and I are close to one another again. I still smoke but hopefully soon that will go out the window as well! Even though I miss everyone at home like mad, I'm happy here, and it won't be forever I'll be home before summer. My future is still unclear, well not quite, I want a career with children, and I dream of a big house in the middle of nowhere with a white picket fence. I now know I'm going to get there, my big house in the middle of nowhere. Me, my beloved children, a dog and a cat, oh and some to love and to love me. (I hope!) ...read more.

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