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My autobiography - Ingredients of true happiness

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The ingredients of the true happiness "It's raining mummy! I swear it's meant to be summer!" I felt confused, baffled, perplexed. I was in this strange, huge island surrounded my aliens, and not exactly green aliens, like the ones on my brother's films, but people from a completely different culture. The words they applied were funny and very unfamiliar to me. The way they acted was, to me, freaky. They used to look at me in a strange way, making me feel intimidated, like I was the odd one out. Their clothes were not entirely different, but even though it was extremely cold, in my point of view, so cold that I could feel shivers running form my neck to my little toe. But although, it was that freezing, they didn't cover their selves up as much as I would, in that kind of weather. All this was my mother's fault. ...read more.


And all this was supposed to fit in a crusty, old and small suitcase that was meant to weight 20 kilos! The time passed quickly and the day had finally come, the day that was going to change my entire life. I felt sad, desperate, distressed, unhappy, as if I have just been run over by a cattle of anguish, anxiety and sorrows. Above all, it is quite dramatic how a little decision can lead into a change that can turn your whole life around. But this, this was more than a big change; it was a sum of lots of big changes put together in one. Childhood to adolescence, primary to secondary school, Spanish to English, Spain to England, and many more... I still remember the first month as it was yesterday. Just having to remember them stressful days makes tears want to come out my eyes. The first month was the worst. ...read more.


Altruism: doing nice things for people, good health, perspective, security, spirituality, purpose, courage, humour, optimism, sense of choice, love, friendship and family. These are some of the ingredients that I needed to be happy, and I had all and each one of them. So, why did I feel so useless and a minute ago? That moment of meditation and deep thinking changed my point of view in all things. I began to understand that everything happens for a reason, even though the hardest part, it's to figure out what the reason is. My mother had sent me here for a good reason. For me to learn a new language (English, in this case), one of the most spoken languages in the world. I also had the chance to learn about another culture, meet new people and find new friends. And having to experience having to sleep and live in the same room as my family joined us as a family and made us appreciate the blessing of having each other By Thamar Nieto 10 LHA ...read more.

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