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My best experience is when I went to Norway for a skiing holiday.

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My best experience is when I went to Norway for a skiing holiday. It was cool and I was so excided because I have never been skiing before. My holiday was a class trip. We were about twenty-three students. It was amusing because we had to take a ship which was boarding off at one o'clock at night. I had never been awake later than eleven o'clock at night, so by that time it was strange. At the dock we were given our tickets, we were told to keep it safe. The ship we were going to sail on sailed for seven hours. That's a lot of hours just to sail to Norway. It usually just takes tree to four hours. In the boat they had everything. Like play machines and shops, but I didn't do much because it was very late one o'clock in the night, and I was very tired so I just went to sleep. When I woke up there was only one hour left for the ship to stop. The ship was closed to land so I went to the front of the boat to look at the sea. ...read more.


wrong mountain, it wasn't the smallest mountain, so I fell onto this little boy which was sliding down, but the boy didn't get hurt, but the ski police still got angry at me and told me to get some lessons on skiing. I went ski school for one day; it was so boring, because I did not understand Norwegian. The ski school instructor was a bit funny. I remember that he told us that he was born with skis. I only had five days of skiing and I didn't want to use those days to learn how to ski, and the days in winter are short, I used to only get about four to five hours on the snow before the sun set down. Skiing was that hard to learn, I was actually good at it for a first timer, because I never fell, but when I did fall it wasn't seriously, because I was never traveling with enough speed to fall over and get painfully hurt. Sometimes when I had fallen down, I used to just lie in the snow, because I was freezing and too weak to get up, people thought that I had broken a leg or something. ...read more.


Skiing wasn't fun anymore. Next day I went to the lost and found section and found and my stuff. I like the hotel we were staying at, it had swimming pools and the sauna was superb. Food was nice and the hot chocolate delicious. I loved the night ski, even though it was a bit scary, because it was so dark. The hotel was in a little village, not far from the ski tracts. I used to go round the shops on my way home to the hotel everyday. When the holiday came to an end I felt so sad, because skiing is so much fun with my friends. Norway is the perfect holiday destination for skiing. I'd like to go again with my family. Everyone would probably have a good time, and I would really like to see my mum and dad skiing. That's entertainment. My holiday in Norway will always be my best experience forever and I would recommend a skiing holiday for everyone who likes to have fun, and is tried of hot and dry holidays. ?? ?? ?? ?? Khadija Ahmed GCSE: English ...read more.

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