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my best teacher

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My Best Teacher Spending four years at the British International School, I have realised how much I have learnt from both my teachers and my friends. There are my best friends who, in my mind, are really special compared to the rest by always being there, listening and supporting me. At the same time, there are my best teachers who have significantly helped me through many difficulties during my entire school life. There are so many good and effective teachers, yet only one has given me the opportunity to see myself improving everyday by her continuous support and guidance - Ms. Karen Monday. Coming into school and having my English lessons, I could feel a strong drive to study more and more of this language. By giving us so much practice on different skills of interacting in English, as well as helpful advice on how to improve ourselves, my teacher made the class feel very safe and confident. Those reliable feelings were massive courage and were such strengths that helped us through many exams and tests. ...read more.


With such a great passion which she had for teaching, she hardly missed any deadlines in marking students' work as well as finishing teachers' projects. To students, Ms. Karen, who, with her exceptional dedication always tried to achieve the best preparation for them before every oral exam, or work that would be examined externally. She wanted to help us to obtain the best we could by explaining and briefing in detail about each particular process. Despite her frantically busy schedule, she was willing to spend a lot of time checking and making sure that the technology was working as smoothly as possible, before recording any students' oral presentation. Apart from that, she also managed to practise a healthy life style by doing exercises and swimming frequently, in hopes of having a good health to be able to pursue her career to its fullest extent. Honestly, I could see no one but a passionate teacher who sometimes even scarified her own time and pleasure to devote everything into her teaching career. ...read more.


I have finally passed my IGCSE English exam with quite a pleasant result and I am now much more confident in speaking and using English as an essential tool in communicating, all thanks to Ms. Karen Monday. In the end, I have truly considered her as a person who walked into my life and brought with her almost miracles to help me grow into a better person. With her life time experience of both teaching and treating children, especially active yet vulnerable high school students, she has made many lives in this school different in a way which we could never forget. It had such strengths like magic that academically guided us along, helped us find our true selves and gave us the courage to move forward, to overcome obstacles and to achieve the best out of us. Now that she has moved away, her image is still embedded in my mind, like a charm that backs me up, with the knowledge that she gave me, I am proud to be an English speaker. ...read more.

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