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Muhammad Yasin Vali English Coursework In this coursework I will be comparing the following two stories: the son's veto and my son the fanatic. The first story I am going to talk about is My son the Fanatic written by Hanif Koreishi. It is about a man called Parvez who immigrates to England to lead a better life with more freedom. His son Ali whom Parvez is very proud of is training as an accountant until one day Parvez's crumbles before him. The first theme I will be discussing and analysing is Education. Education is very important in My son The Fanatic as we learn that the only way Parvez can call his move from Pakistan to England successful is if Ali graduates as an accountant as it states-"it was for Ali that Parvez worked long hours for; he spent a lot of money paying for Ali's education as an accountant .This also shows that Parvez's determination and hard-work in order to achieve his goal. Another way in which you can say Parvez pushed through his wish is when Hanif Koreishi states-"He had bought Ali good suits, all the books he required and a computer. ...read more.


The use of commas in this case signifies that overall Ali was a very talented person. Hanif koreishi cleverly makes the other cabbie driver kids look the complete opposite to Ali, because whilst Ali is engaged and focused to having a bright future these kids are-running around with girls, skipping school and joining gangs. The use of commas here shows that Ali was good at a lot of things whilst these kids wasted there lives on many things. The use of commas in this case expresses quantity and attitude. The use of commas can further be explained by the following point-Was it asking too much for Ali to get a good job, marry the right girl, and start a family? In this quote the commas express quantity and attitude. They also show that Parvez didn't think he asked for too much from Ali as he only wanted a little in return so that his side of commitment and hard-word paid off. We can also question Parvez's commitment when Ali tells him he is leaving his education in accounting but as we know Parvez immediately retaliates by saying-"But its well-paid work, for years you've been preparing! ...read more.


Also Parvez wants him to marry the right girl as he may have been forced into marrying the girl by his parents. Parvez wants his son to have what he couldn't have in Pakistan as Pakistan is a country filled with poverty so maybe he didn't have a very good childhood so that is why he may be desperate for Ali to have a good life and also the best possible start to life. The next theme I am going to discuss is religion. In my son the fanatic the themes religion and background clash as they are linked with one another. This is simply because background has an impact on the person's religion. As we know Parvez was born in Pakistan where he had little freedom so he probably wanted to get out of that religious imprisonment in Pakistan as he says" but I love England -they let you do almost anything here" . This also shows other reasons why Parvez may have immigrated to England. Another reason why he may have left religion as explained in the book is because of his experience at mosque. ...read more.

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