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My burning ambition

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MY BURNING AMBITION I was on a mission to France. I had always craved to go there though this was no ordinary journey; I was going to swim to France through the English Channel. Ever since I was a child, I had had a great ambition to swim to far distances; I became an expert at swimming with all different kinds of techniques. I set off for France ready with all my equipment. I was dressed in a dark blue wet suit; I also had a heavy oxygen tank, which sat on back and a snorkel covering my face. My feet felt cold and weary as I began to climb the stones and pebbles that was in the way between the sea and me. I had finally made. Now I was approaching the sea, I was centimetres away from my destiny. As I looked far out into the distance, all I could see were layers of sea; I had no idea of what lay ahead of me. ...read more.


The genie granted me three wishes; my first wish was that I was very tall and skinny, (that was because I'm short and a bit tubby). The genie granted my wish but it went terribly wrong because I grew and grew and grew very tall until my head reached way up into the sky. Then I woke up. My body had been floating in the water while I was knocked out. It felt like someone was playing loud music in my ear. I also felt dizzy and exhausted, but I knew I had to carry on to achieve goal. I began to get into my techniques I did the backstroke, the breaststroke, the butterfly and I did the doggy paddle when my whole body ached. My adventure was not living up to my expectations, I felt abet bored of just swimming on the surface of the sea, I decided I was going to explore the under world of the sea. I wiped the inside of my goggles and took a deep plunge underwater. ...read more.


Then I was lifted out of the water by a strong force given to me to carry on with my journey. I began to get hunger pains, through all of my excitement I had forgot to pack a supply of food. After four days of travelling, I was now desperate to eat anything, even raw fish. I had to eat something, I saw a juicy fish floating not too far from my fight side, it looked dead. I swam over to the fish grabbed it and took a big bite out of the fish's left side. I was no longer hungry and was strong enough to carry on. With the guidance and company of the sun I battled through the sea until I saw land. Could I have reached France after 5 days of sea, I fixed my eyes on a sign and as I got nearer to land it said "Welcome to France". This made me more determined to swim ashore. I began to sprint swim to shore. I felt exhausted my legs and arms barely help me up but I had made it and my burning ambition was fulfilled. ...read more.

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