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My Car Crash Crisis.

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My Car Crash Crisis Gravy Granules How could my dad and brother survive without gravy with our Sunday dinner? Unfortunately the store cupboard was sadly lacking in anything resembling< "Bisto", none the less myself and my little sister were strapped into the back of Mum's car trying to find one of those little shops which my mum describes as "life savers" for the working mother where she could purchase some gravy granules and ensure that peace reigned at the Sunday dinner table. I should add at this stage my mother was heavily pregnant with my little brother. I personally had no objection to this little excursion as it gave me the opportunity to get some sweets. Then again I was thinking I would probably get plenty of sweets at my friend Suzanne's party which I was due to go to that afternoon. I was really looking forward to Suzanne's party. All those different coloured balloons just waiting to be burst but little did I know that it was my "happiness balloon" which was about to be burst. ...read more.


The noise of metal striking erupted as pieces of the car door, the car pillar and a shower of glass made contact with my body. The front passenger seat came crashing backwards jamming my leg. Fortunately I was wearing my seatbelt otherwise I feel sure I would have gone either over my baby sister or straight through the window. I suddenly had a flash back of my brother and I driving along the road at the edge of a ravine where there was no fence at the edge of the road and I was frightened of our car falling down the steep mountainside into the valley below. My brother reassured me and told me that all I had to do was brace myself. I grabbed his cyber pet ad clung desperately to it. I could feel wet fluid rolling down my face and the screams of my little sister with her eyes scrunched up as she screeched uncontrollably. My mum was already out of the car at this stage and undoing our belts. ...read more.


The lady in the other car was very supportive and friendly but I was so glad when dad arrived and took us home. My mum was very keen to take me to hospital to have me checked out but I could not bear to be taken anywhere strange or to be parted from my family. I just wanted the warmth comfort and protection of our own home. When we got home mum and dad cuddled us on the settee and gave us a warm blanket with cups of steaming hot chocolate thankfully our next door neighbour who is a GP came and tended to us. Thank goodness no one received any serious injury and my cuts and bruises soon healed. When I look back on the accident I feel very glad I had my seat belt on because otherwise my injuries would have been much worse and I am also glad my mum was driving a large heavy car which absorbed a lot of the impact but more than anything ever I realised something for the first time just how precious life is and that we should always try to enjoy each day. By Joanne McGaffin ...read more.

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