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My Dad and Me.

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Colin Goodman 8 November 2003 My Dad and Me When I was little, my dad had a motorbike with a sidecar attach to his motorcycle. My dad and me went out in the summer months travelling around the country. It was really cool, travelling into other cities, going around the coast-watching people enjoying themselves on water sports, donkey rides, and banana boat and playing in the sea. My Dad like travelling with his friends, going in a pub having a few drinks, and then we go to the fish and chip shops. I always love to have fish cakes and chips and my dad never chosen anything different on the menu apart from fish and chips. When I was a baby, I could not sleep without any noise. When my dad was drilling holes in the wall or music on load then, I could sleep. But after the noise as stopped then I wake-up crying. And then my dad will put is cloths on then take me out in my prams and push me on ground that was not level, so then I stopped crying and go to sleep. ...read more.


My dad won three big teddy bears, but we could not take them home because there was nowhere to put them! So we kept one and gave the others away. As the winter was coming, the school holidays was over and my dad had to go back to work it was to wet and windy to travel anymore at that time. So my dad put his bike in a dry place for next summer. The more we went out in the summer months the more bored I was in the winter. My dad brought me a motorbike for Christmas, my dad taught me how to ride it and took me to the little race track to learn to drive. I was too young to drive on the road. I had lots of fun in the winter months riding in the wet mud it was really great. I started to drive the bike really well till my dad went home to my step mum and asked her to come and watch me drive. I started to show off in front of my friends with my dad and step mum watching me! ...read more.


So I said, "NO", but my dad got no choice, he was not going to be the blame if really hurt my self. So I went in house and started crying. I love riding the bike. it was not fair. My mum went shopping and my dad came in house and started to make me stop crying I was only fourteen year old at the time. My dad wanted me to make a promise that I will drive carefully in the future. I agreed, my dad would have to talk to mum first. My mum came back from shopping and my dad tried to be really nice to her about me keeping the bike. My mum said, 'NO' she was not happy with my dad or me at that time. My dad managed to talk her around it. It was really hard because it was really unsafe at my age to drive. Then my dad paid his friend to train me correctly, my dad felt really bad because he could not train me after all the years he have drove. Then as years went by, I have lots' of motorbikes and past my test first time. I was really happy about the way my dad helped me to drive. ...read more.

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