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MY DIARY FROM THE TRENCHES I am really delighted to wear my uniform, it is the first time I have worn such elegant boots and polished brass buttons on my uniform, all the ladies have been looking at me since.

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MY DIARY FROM THE TRENCHES Dear diary, August 28th 1914 I Tommy Atkins am so excited. I have new clothes and a new meaning to my life. Propaganda posters everywhere encouraged me, I can't believe it I am joining the army. When my family came home from a hard labouring day at the factories, their hands were covered in yellow sulphur. I am really delighted to wear my uniform, it is the first time I have worn such elegant boots and polished brass buttons on my uniform, all the ladies have been looking at me since. I can probably even get married before I go to war. It will be such an adventurous journey but there is a chance I could die. I know the war will be over by Christmas because this war is over something so little. If men like us didn't go to war then we will be given a feather to represent our cowardness; and I will not be considered as a coward. I am the man in this man family and I will serve my duty to this country. September 3rd 1914 Dear diary, The closer the day comes the more nervous I get, I hear my mum crying every night scared that she may lose me in this fight. ...read more.


The General allowed me to have a rest from the trenches since I have been in there for a long time. I was allowed to rest for 48 days but then I had to go back I didn't want to. Dear diary, February 9th 1915 I have returned; I looked through the trenches to find Charlie but there was no sign of him. Was he dead? I realised that many new weapons had been enrolled while I was away. We had tanks, they were big and didn't move very fast; they only travelled at 4mph. However their damage impact was gargantuan. Another weapon which was used was the Bayonets; they were like guns but had a spear on the end of it. I was scared to use these. We were allowed to write letters home, but everyone knew they would be censored. They were censored to protect the army because if the enemy intercepted one of these letters they could get the location and plan to the army. Some people would just self-censor them there selves. Today it was so cold and we weren't allowed to make a fire because of the smoke. Since it smelled of rotting corpses; I would smoke a pipe every day. ...read more.


The war started because two prime ministers couldn't agree on something so simple. I found out that 800,000 bodies have been found so far. That's just dreadful. Today I went to the hospital to see the men who were wounded; and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Charlie there. He was ok; the general discharged him after his leg got blown off. I was just so happy to see him and he couldn't believe it that I made it through the whole war. There is 1 main impact for women after the war; which is 'women are allowed to vote'. The spirit of the war The sadness and the happiness can slowly fade away, as husbands and fathers make their way to war. We will win The guns and the shouting in the trenches, Brings tears upon our faces. We will win Our strength our minds, once combined wins the war. We fight to serve our country and will never let the people down. We will win Our hearts are as big as the weapons, that can fight anything which is put in our way. We will win The years come by to an end as Germany and Britian stop the feud, the hunt for the soldiers has begun as no-one takes the trophy home. WE ALL HAVE WON! ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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