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My dream and where it would take me.

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Maeve Mungovan February 7th, 2003 Commonwealth Essay Competition Subject: My dream and where it would take me * Brain Storming: - My Dream is a boat I am terribly fond of - Write it in the past tense to give the impression of a memory - Describe My Dream using personification: red birch, comparison to older lady, adventurous, eager to carve through the water - Grandfather was very skilled in this domain, he had a gift - Passed on passion for canoeing and I feel certain passion for the sport when he gives me My Dream - Setting: Prince Edward Island, grandmother's house, no specific time although indications may show it is set in modern times. - Reasons: keeping Nana company because grandfather passed away and I enjoy her company - Grandmother is becoming more aged, her wrinkles are deeper, an invisible creature steels her energy and she is forced to stay in bed for long periods of time. She reads to me and as a result I enjoy her company. - - give background information on ancestors who were Native Americans and so it was necessary that they be able to manipulate a canoe quickly and quietly (surprise attacks) - Storm arises, wind is fierce and swells are great. ...read more.


I adored the evenings where she would open a classical novel and read to me. This ritual had begun before I was able to read and as a result, I had developed a passion for literature. Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer, David Copperfield, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins became my childhood friends. Then, her time spent awake grew precious. Her cot had asked for her company incessantly and she never refused such demands. Presently, Nana was resting and so would not miss me, but I would have to return shortly. With no little effort My Dream glided smoothly into the sea. She has been in our family for many generations, yet then she was entirely devoted to me. My grandfather had patiently instructed me in canoeing. He had a passion for it. To most people the ability to manipulate a canoe is a skill. This is too delicate a word to describe the way in which my grandfather paddled. He had a gift. When he sat in our canoe, it was as if man and canoe became one. I can recall the many afternoons of solitude and tranquillity as we travelled along in My Dream. I had the honorary position in front of but facing my grandfather. ...read more.


Each time I advanced by a few feet, an enormous wave would undo all my progression. I wanted to cry but I did not have the energy and no one would have heard over the tumult of the storm. My spirits had fallen, I was wet, cold and thirsty. I looked down and a flash of lightening revealed my callous hands. I had hardly noticed that the heavy mist had slightly lifted, and although the torrent continued, the thunder had ceased. The shoreline was hazy, but I could make out a protected inlet. It was not safe to approach the shore anywhere else because it was rocky and would certainly destroy My Dream. I navigated towards it. The waves, having had their fun, let me pass with little trouble. Before My Dream collided with land, I jumped out and pulled her safely on to the sand. "Is that you?" my grandmother asked as I gently closed the door behind me. I had expected her voice to be shaken and high pitched, as it had been when my grandfather had moved to Heaven. However, her voice was calm. I wondered why she was not concerned. Afterward, she explained that I was comparable with my grandfather in many respects. She had known that I would carve my way through the rough waters and that My Dream would deliver me unharmed to land. "Yes, it is I Nana." I answered. Word Count: 1 439 ...read more.

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