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My Dream Place.

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My dream place is a metaphorical island, a small bungalow type building perched on a ledge high up on a mountain, over viewing a vast sea of forest and greenery. The house itself is small in its own cosy kind of way. It is almost entirely made up of wood, the thick panelled mahogany walls and the varnished floor shimmer in the light of the regularly tilting lanterns drifting from side to side hypnotically hanging from the ceiling like the water in a small mountain stream rippling on an early morning. The roof stretches up for what seems miles and miles, it has five thick beams across it and the unfinished trunk of a tree stands in the middle of the floor where it takes most of the responsibility of holding up the roof, tall and proud like a king of old, its bark still attached to the trunk and large knot holes where branches once were. ...read more.


A small path twists itself round the mountain like the coils on a spring. The path leads into the woods after a difficult climb down the steep mountain, In the woods which are dark and some would say dismal you find yourself to be standing on a peat like soil which is buried between mountains of pine cones and acorns, you watch as a squirrel running around collect goodies for the rapidly approaching winter. If you look up from the forest through the tree tops and if you focus your eyes just to the right of the snow capped peak and down a bit you might be able to sight a small red flag waving in the cold mountain winds on top of my quaint little home. As you walk back up to my little hide away you see wild flowers of all kinds and colours from one of the many corners in spiralling road you may see the nearest town, several miles away you watch the bell swing and hear its sweet note ring across the tree tops to you. ...read more.


who might just so happen to pass by without the couple noticing they night be able to follow the dialogue just by there vocal expression there is nothing better than a heated discussion being said quietly yet with emotion. This place is secluded; alone, isolated but these all these words sound negative and off putting where as this is the whole attraction of this place to me, for me this place is warm and peaceful somewhere I just have to think of being there and I am transported there. To me the fact that there is no rush to do anything, there is no deadline needed to be met for a piece of course work, no pressure coming from elders or teachers about exams and academic achievement and no pressure coming from contemporaries about how to look and act. So this is where I leave you sitting in my chair chatting away to a good friend or a newly acquired acquaintance wishing that this were in fact a real place. The End... ...read more.

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