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My earliest memories.

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My earliest memories by Ceri Morgan My earliest memory doesn't stretch very far back. I know all the details of my birth and the hospital I was born in (Neath General), but of course not from memory! All these details have been hammered in by my parents. Now then lets see if I can rummage into the deepest corners of my memory and retrieve some fragments of lost information! The first thing that I can remember from my childhood is visiting Margam Park with my father. I must have been around the ages of two or three, as my younger brother was not yet born. I can remember the day quite clearly, as we often took this exciting day out, as it seemed to me! I remember my father telling me to wave my mother goodbye as she made her daily visit to a thing she called 'work'. I remember toddling through fairytale land and marvelling at all the fairytale creatures and their homes. I can also remember feeding the ducks in the lake. I can recall being quite scared as they all came crowding around me, hungry for a tasty morsel to eat! ...read more.


Nursery school. I think this was one of the best years of my life as there was no homework, angry teachers or vile school lunches! Nursery only lasted the morning and the afternoon left a gap for my daily nap. My nursery teacher was called Mrs Morgan, and even to this day when I walk home from Comprehensive I still see her on her way home. The main thing that remains in my mind about nursery is the mad rush at break time to grab the best car/bike from the playground/yard. They were lined up neatly in two rows, but by the end of break time could be found halfway up the street with some little three year old trying to make a break for it! The next few years were quite a blur to me; they raced by just like the three year old trying to make a getaway. Strange that I can remember nursery but not infant school. The only thing I can recall with prompts from photographs is me dressed angelically in a blue checked dress with a white wool cardie, complete with long white socks (pulled up to my knees!) ...read more.


I was sent to the teacher and nothing more was done about it. I was sent to dinner as usual, but I could hardly walk! I can remember my friend Catherine calling me 'leggy Peggy', as I tried to hop to dinner, the excruciating pain still in my leg! I remember one unsympathetic dinner lady moaning as my 2 friends tried to help me to the canteen 'she can walk herself, leave her alone, she's not a baby!' Little did she know that later that day my mother would come to pick me up to take me to Neath General Hospital-Just in case! Nobody suspected I would have broken my leg - But how wrong they were! The next thing after that that I can remember is another big change in my Comprehensive School. I'm now in my fourth year in Glan Afan and what a four years it has been! I've been in Court Challenge, the annual school production and a reporter for the school magazine 'The Avonian'-amongst other things! Glan Afan has been and still is a challenging, but enjoyable chapter in my life! I just hope the following two years will hold as much excitement and fulfilment! By Ceri Morgan 10/M ...read more.

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