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My Ending for "When the Wasps Drowned".

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When the Wasps Drowned: Ending Justin McDermott That night, I was woken by what sounded like digging. I got up out of bed and crept over to the window, being cautious not to wake Therese. I peered through the gap in the curtain. I could see a small light at the end of Mr Mordecai?s garden; he was filling in a hole. He continued for about five minutes until the hole was full. He then carefully pulled what looked like a wooden flower boy over the bare patch of the lawn. Mr Mordecai then heaved what looked to be a large industrial sack, over his shoulder, and struggled into his house. By this time I was feeling particularly restless so decided to go and sit down stairs to try and cool down. ...read more.


Then the moment of truth?the body wasn?t there anymore. Several thoughts passed through my head. Was the body there in the first place? Was it even a body? Then I came to the imminent conclusion that Mr Mordecai had dug up the dead body. I covered the hole with one of Tyler?s play mats and turned to walk back towards the house, but I saw Mr Mordecai had left his back door open. I clambered over the fence and walked towards the door. I reached the door and stopped. What was I doing? It was illegal but I had to. I crept through the door into the kitchen and descended the stairs into the cellar. At the bottom of the stairs the door was locked, but the keys were in the lock. ...read more.


It rendered me unconscious, and I woke up under police guard in the hospital the next day. ?Is that all? the prosecutor asked. I replied with a simple nod. The judge then spoke in a commanding voice ?I now ask the jury to leave and return with a verdict of guilty on the following charges; two counts of murder in the first degree and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.? The jury returned. ?Has the jury reached a unanimous verdict?? the judge asked. ?Yes? the foreman replied abruptly ?we find the defendant guilty on all charges.? ?Thank you? the judge replied. ?I sentence the defendant to life imprisonment and she must serve a minimum of thirty years.? That was when it hit me. I would spend the next thirty years of my life at her majesty?s pleasure. Dreams of being a vet? gone. And here I am, three years gone, twenty-seven to go. ...read more.

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