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My English Coursework

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My English Coursework Essay Romeo and Juliet is a play created by a famous playwright called William Shakespeare. Baz Luhrmann adapted the play to create a modern version of Romeo and Juliet in 1996. There are many similarities and differences in how Baz Lurhmann and Shakespeare portray the relationship between Juliet and her parents. There are many times in the scene how Shakespeare uses language, structure and form to present the relationship between Juliet and her parents, while Baz Luhrmann reveals this relationship using different camera angles and diegetic and non diegetic sounds and shot types. Shakespeare portrays the horrific relationship between Juliet and Lady Capulet as Juliet uses words cleverly to deceive her mother. Line 93-94 'dead-is my poor heart'. Lady Capulet thinks that Juliet is saying that Romeo makes her sad because, he killed Tybalt, but she means that she's sad because he left. This easy type of deception shows that Lady Capulet and Juliet may not have a close relationship, and Lady Capulet does not know Juliet very well. ...read more.


The effect created by this action is the audience can see that Juliet has deference for her mother even though she addresses her as a stranger, not as a mother and Luhrmann expresses this well. The Nurse cannot be seen at this time, which makes it more personal between Juliet and her mother. Baz Luhrmann and William Shakespeare both portray the terrible relationship between Juliet and her mother in the same way. However Baz Luhrmann has an advantage of camera use to depict the relationship between Juliet and her mother, whereas the audience will be watching all the characters in the play and they will not gain a sense of personal relationship which Luhrmann portrays through the camera angles. As a result, Baz Luhrmann and William Shakespeare both express the relationship using similar ways. In Shakespeare's times, people lived in a patriarchal society, where the parents choose how they want their child to live their life and when they would get married. ...read more.


Finally, I think that in both the film and the play, the relationship between Capulet and Juliet is not very great; however it is better in the play as he doesn't get angry with his daughter quickly and doesn't fly into an incandescent rage when she denies him. He also tries to give the news to Juliet about her getting married by saying a poem. We can observe that the relationship between Lady Capulet and Juliet is not very good in the play but the relationship is very good in the film as Lady Capulet gets hurt for Juliet when Capulet is shouting at Juliet, the moment where Juliet deceives her mother is not shown in the film, and also when Lady Capulet makes the comment of her daughter being dead, Juliet tries to hold back tears. From this we can observe that the relationship between Juliet and her parents is shown to the audience by Shakespeare using different styles of writing, structures of sentences such as the hyphen, dramatic irony and he also uses iambic pentameters ?? ?? ?? ?? Anoshan Mariabalanayagam 10L 01/12/2010 ...read more.

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