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My English essay - X factor is rubbish

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´╗┐The extinction of music has initiated. Only doltish human beings can watch such an improbable TV show. Some crazy fools call it show for true talents; I call it a show for embryonic musicians who want a life full of fame for unmitigatedly no effort. It's for people who want to be famous but have no respect for their dignity in how they get there. It's also for people who think they're entitled to a record label deal if they have even a half-decent voice. It's not for people who write lyrics, write songs, spend years of facing rejection after rejection but not caring because they have authentic love for music and try their firmest to make it as musicians. ...read more.


Furthermore it makes me fusillade with laughter on people who cry on camera claiming how much they "want it"...what is it? When they say they "want it", you can clearly see they mean they "want to be famous with no effort whatsoever" rather than "I want people to listen to and love the music I?ve spent my talent and time on". Secondly, the foulest aspect about this fraudulent talent show is the way in which it is defining music within our culture. Young people growing up watching this fecal matter are essentially brainwashed into seeing music in a very corrupt way. ...read more.


The X-Factor is to music what microwave meals are to anguish cuisines. Above all its just all a money making scheme: the public vote isn’t intended to discover the “greatest” artists, but to amplify viewing figures and revenue, X Factor also has a lucrative sponsorship deal with the phone company Talk Talk - worth £20 million. That’s not all. A 30-second advertising slot during last year’s final was said to have cost around £250,000. And more astoundingly, last year’s X Factor ITV1 shows are said to have brought in more than £75m in advertising, plus revenue from the public votes. Simon Cowell’s deceitful way of hypnotising us into dehumanised music and injecting us with virulent venom is slowly obliterating music. It must be forbidden from this universe. ...read more.

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