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My Essay Of Mice And Men.

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My Essay Of Mice And Men Question 2 In the novel Of Mice And Mice Lenny and George are on there travels to look for work but everything seems to go wrong Because Lenny can not control his anger or his strength and George is all ways there to get Lenny out of trouble but George treats Lenny like it his is own brother. The novel is set in Weed and it is very hard to find work and live a living so Lenny and George set them selves of to look for work Lenny on his journey who has a heart of gold would never hurt any one or hurt anything finds a mouse a dead mouse he wants t play and tamper with the mouse but George says no and grabs the mouse and throws the mouse into the bushes but then Lenny gets really upsets and starts crying and shouting out load all I want to do is tamper and play with the mouse because I like tampering animals George says " never mind Lenny I will get you a puppy you can tamper and play with" no Lenny says I want a mouse ok then George ...read more.


George lets Lenny tend the rabbits but has Lenny is tending the rabbits in the barn the managers son Curly HE goes to work and Curly wife follows Lenny into the barn. She starts talking to Lenny telling him that she hates Curly and she hates working here and that she wants to become a Hollywood star and then she asks Lenny what hw would like to do he says have a big house for him and George and have there own business and also he would love to tend the rabbits. But has she was going to reply Curly walked in and says to Lenny "why are you not doing you work get out there and finish of your job" then George walks in "what's happening" says George then Curly and his wife walks out. "Lenny if you have any trouble of him or any one you tell me" then they all get back to work. George gives Lenny a puppy for his hard work Lenny is very excited and goes in the barn on his own and starts tending the puppy and guess who walks in Curlys wife "sorry for my husbands behavior" I don't want to talk to ...read more.


George says Lenny look over the river were we was drinking and keep looking down, George pulls out a gun at the side of his pocked holding it down between his spine join and then up to his head " Lenny want to go to a nice place were we have loads of money loads of food and loads of animals and a big farm were no one can hurt us and you can not hurt any one" yes please says Lenny "can we go now Lenny says with excitement , yea of course just keep looking at the river , ok Lenny says. Georges gut is hurting but without a word he presses the trigger BANG Lenny just lowers his body with out a noise and just lays there. George is upset for what he had done bur he knew that Lenny was safe now and that he is living the life that he has always wanted to live. George has learnt that you can not get anything that you wish for in life you just have to grab it why you have the chance. Eben if you loose the closes friend you have. THE END ...read more.

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