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My essay will be based around the importance and significance of Act 3, Scene 1

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GCSE English And English Literature Coursework 'Romeo And Juliet' Discuss The Significance Of Act 3 Scene 1 Introduction My essay will be based around the importance and significance of Act 3, Scene 1. I will also discuss Shakespeare's techniques used in the building up of characters and how he creates dramatic impact throughout the play. The basic story is set in Elizabethan times and it is about two lovers who meet at a ball, but there is one problem...their families are archrivals. The two lovers keep their relationship a secret and keep their love for one another away from their parents. The couple get married and in the end commit suicide for each other. ...read more.


Act 3, Scene 1 is most impotant to the play as it creates dramatic tension and links to earlier and later on in the play. Shakespeare really would capture the audience in this scene as it contains acts of violence 'TYBALT under ROMEO'S arm stabs MERCUTIO and flies with his followers' and exciting drama. When Tybalt challenges Romeo and Romeo refuses this is good use of dramatic irony leading the audience to believe Romeo is soft and cannot fight '(TYBALT) "Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries That thou hast done me; therefore turn and draw"... ...read more.


Conclusion This last part of the essay is to sum up why I fought Act 3 Scence 1 was important. Overall the audience would be most pleased and excited with this scene. It contains a lot of action and interesting and intellectual quality. This scene creates a turning point in the play because the deaths and the murderer (Romeo) inflict how every other character acts from that scene onwards and creates the build up to the tragic faunally. I loved the scene personally as it featured the most violence which would interest me and grab my full attention, and would fill me with information I would need for later on in the play. ...read more.

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